Not so Politically Correct Immigration Policies are Needed

January 6, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

As Islamic terrorists murder thousands of people each year, I reflect on the politically correct Westerners who focus on eradicating Islamphobia, (a term used disparagingly against those who fear the practices that flow from Islam’s ideology), rather than the threat itself.

Case in point, kidnapped and held hostage, several souls hung in the balance in a popular café in Sydney, Australia. Meanwhile, their fellow Australians, in a show of solidarity with Islam’s followers were tweeting out, “#Illridewithyou.”

Solidarity aside, 16 hours later, three (3) people were dead.

The Middle East Initiative recommends that rather than worry about offending Islamists, Western nations ought to consider devising better immigration policy choices due to the on-going and considerable influx of adherents to an ideology that encourages the slaughter of infidels, Islamic supremacy, and imperialism.

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