Like the Islamic World, America has Its Own Culture of Death

July 25, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Celebrating a culture of death, Islamic societies embrace Allah’s commands for jihad against infidels, a holy war in order to spread Islamic supremacism, a tenet of faith found multiple times within the pages of the Koran.

Westerners call this terrorism. And terrorists are repudiated as barbarians.

And so the world looks on, a witness to the glorification of death against the infidels while Muslims themselves remain a target as well. In Muslim nations, the religious police or Muslim mobs have for generations taken people out into the streets for public beheadings, floggings, and stonings. Those who violate the tenets of the Muslim holy book must pay for their sins under Sharia law.

But here in the West, our civilized societies value life, or do we? Despite a Western culture rooted in a Judeo-Christian belief system that holds firm to the idea that all lives matter, the Democrats have denied this rich American heritage.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has made clear that millions of Americans must change their deeply held views concerning abortion.

Stand against Clinton and her consistent support of the barbaric practice of savagely murdering approximately 1.3 million defenseless, innocent souls each year. Indeed, over 50 million infants have been killed since 1973.

Within just a couple of weeks, a little heart is beating and scientific evidence demonstrates that infants in the womb suffer excruciating pain during the abortion process due to developing nerve endings. I believe the entirety of the suffering an unborn must bear has yet to be told. But Clinton and the Left in America aren’t interested.

The Middle East Initiative recommends that no American should vote Democrat. America’s Left has become increasingly akin to Islamic societies – placing a higher value on death rather than on life.

How can a “civilized society” allow such barbarism to occur and at taxpayer expense? The justification lies in the myth of the “unwanted child” and is always trotted out for public consumption. But know that there has always been a long line of individuals waiting, hoping to adopt a new-born.

Consider: President Obama and the Democrats committed $8 billion of your tax dollars to subsidize abortion through Obamacare – underwriting the cost of convenience abortions in insurance plans while Planned Parenthood busily sells the body parts of infants.

End abortion-on-demand! The U.S. House has already announced hearings. Presidential candidates are calling for a full investigation.

Contact Congress at 202.224.3121. Insist they pass the Life at Conception Act immediately. Respect life. End the holocaust against the unborn.

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