Abductions and Forced Conversions of Children

December 28, 2012
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Pray for 14 year old Sarah and girls like her to be rescued.

Abductions and forced Islamization of Jewish and Christian children in Muslim dominant countries is an on-going tragedy, particularly in Egypt today where abductions of Coptic Christian girls is common.

Egypt’s President Morsi refuses to address issues of Muslim on Christian violence, including forced conversions to Islam, torture, murder, public beatings, abductions, human trafficking, destruction of Christian property and churches, and false arrests. 

According to several Egyptian Christians I have spoken with and reports from the Assyrian International News Agency, the rise of Islamists in Egypt following the Muslim Brotherhood government takeover, has caused a spike in the number of human rights crises in Egypt.

The case of Sarah Ishaq Abdelmalek is not atypical. She was on her way to school when she stopped at the neighborhood bookstore. It is owned by a Mahmoud Selim Abdel Gawad, the son of a Salafist or Islamist leader in the area. No one has seen Sarah since.

After filing a missing person report with the police, her father received a phone call telling him that he would never see his daughter again.

Sarah’s father fears for Sarah’s well-being because Abdel Gawad is a Salafist who supports forced conversions to Islam and wedding child brides to adult Muslim men.

“Security knows her whereabouts,” said Father Bigem, a Christian Coptic priest “and they make promises to resolve the crisis, but it’s just words.” [See aina.org article]

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