An Era of Fire

February 5, 2014
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Over 170,000 rockets and missiles now threaten the state of Israel. 

Calling this historical period, an “era of fire,” Israel’s Military Intelligence Chief, Major General Aviv Kochavi, has noted that Israel is facing “a constant threat.” 

At the start of the 21st century, Israel’s people have already suffered over 15,000 rocket and mortar attacks by Palestinian groups, including Fatah-run-terrorist-cells. Fatah is the Palestine Liberation Organization’s largest faction and is also the ruling party that controls the Palestinian Authority, (PA). 

This is significant because the PA is the U.S. sanctioned “partner-in-peace” in so-called “peace talks” with Israel. So while engaged in peace negotiations, the PA continues to advocate terrorism. And despite territory relinquished by Israel under pressure from the U.S. and placed under the PA’s control following the Oslo accords in 1993 and the Oslo II Interim Agreement in September 1995, the Fatah-run-PA has increased its reign of terror over areas it governs. As a result, there is no incentive for Israel to pursue another land give away. 

Indeed, why would any Western nation choose to pursue a two-state-solution that would place another violent, Muslim Arab state on its border? 

Kerry’s recent arrival in Israel to facilitate “peace” talks illustrates this point. Israel National News reports that the Fatah movement’s cover photo on its official Facebook page is a picture of “armed masked men” with the words: “this is the photo that the Fatah Movement led by Abbas chose as its . . . cover photo on the eve of Kerry’s arrival. The Palestinian choice is not peace.” 

And yet interestingly enough, President Obama has praised Fatah’s leader, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority Chairman, for “consistently rejecting violence,” as Abbas advocates and celebrates terrorist attacks among the rank and file. 

Meanwhile, Muslim Arab terrorists continue the “struggle” to “liberate” Israel, turning it from a Jewish state to another Muslim Arab state that sponsors terrorism against the United States and other Western nations. 

This is confirmed by Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency. Shin Bet’s annual report indicates that terrorist attacks more than doubled in the last year. Emboldened by the Islamic Awakening, better known as the Arab Spring, the onslaught against Israeli civilians and soldiers have included a variety of methods such as firebombs, suicide missions, stabbings, and rocket and mortar attacks. 

Furthermore, Israel’s Intelligence Chief notes: The country is “surrounded” with “active enemies” and conventional threats. 

Rightly, “IDF operational officers identify the jihadi threat as immediate.” Intelligence reports indicate that 30,000 global jihadists are now fighting in states that border Israel. Belonging to various terrorist groups, these militants have stated their objective is to liberate Jerusalem and end Jewish statehood in the region. 

With President Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and his decision to allow the disintegration of Syria, the Sinai Peninsula, also on Israel’s border, is now home to some 3,000 terrorists, according to Egyptian military estimates. 

And with the President’s on-going appeasement of Iran, the threat of cyber warfare grows significantly. Already Israel has suffered numerous attacks on its security establishment.

These circumstances inform the conclusions drawn and stated publicly by some Israeli leaders, Middle East specialists and the Israelis themselves: The U.S. President and Secretary Kerry remain out of touch with the realities faced by the only dependable, strategic ally in the region.

Strategic Solutions asks that you contact the U.S. President at 202.456.1111 and your member of Congress at 202.224.3121. Make clear, a two-state solution will lead to war, not peace! 

Forcing Israel to put more territory in the hands of Muslim Palestinians will only contribute to an increase in the number of terrorist attacks on the only non-Muslim state in the region.


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