Arab Muslim Palestinians Celebrate, Incite and Glorify Murder

December 1, 2014
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

“Jerusalem is thirsty and this thirst will be quenched with blood . . . .”

These types of statements are being made by Muslim Palestinians to incite more Muslims to terrorize the innocent and glorify the Islamic terrorists who are regularly portrayed as heroes on official Palestinian media sites. [See: ]

Within hours of two Arab Muslim Palestinian terrorists, armed with meat cleavers, knives and a gun, murdered and wounded several Israeli Jewish citizens at prayer in a neighborhood synagogue, Palestinians posted bloody images glorifying their slaughter. And on Israel’s streets, Palestinians gleefully handed out candy and cookies to celebrate their murderous rampage. [See: ]

Palestinian glorification of terrorism is also available in song. Palestinian Media Watch reports that Palestinians are urged through music to use cars to commit terror attacks against Israelis. One video version of the song‎ ‎by singers Muhammad Abu Al-Kayed and Anas Jaradat is a big hit on social media sites with more than ‎‎385,000 viewings on the “Quds News Network” Facebook page.

The song calls for the murder of the Jewish people: “Run [them] over, destroy, annihilate, blow them up.” Muslims are urged to “lay an ambush on the road and run them over.”‎ [See and hear the song at or ]

Moreover, additional kinds of incitement point to the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement or HAMAS’ website which states they are in a religious war against the descendants of apes and pigs referring to Jews and Christians. [See: ]

The United States spends billions on Palestinians. The Middle East Initiative’s Strategic Solutions requests that every American call on their leaders in Washington to defund all foreign aid to Palestinian / Arab Muslims.

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