Choosing to Join the Islamic State or Al Qaeda Rather Than Fight Them

January 24, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Interpol as well as our own FBI is warning law enforcement to remain vigilant as ever increasing numbers of homegrown Islamists are pledging allegiance to groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS here in the U.S.

A former Al Qaeda member, Morten Storm, confirmed this assessment. He recently stated that sleeper cells are waking up – determined and ready to give up their own lives.

Muslims traveling to the Middle East to join the ranks of Al Qaeda or ISIS is not necessary. Storm states: “The problem is that it’s an ideology, it’s a faith, it’s a way of practicing Islam,” noting that people who agree with this ideology often become lone wolves.

The Middle East Initiative urges you to contact your policy makers in Washington. Make clear that President Obama’s release of more terrorists from Gitmo is inexcusable as more Sunni Muslims make clear they would rather join ISIS or Al Qaeda than fight them.

Indeed, terror remains a weapon of choice supported by millions of Muslims worldwide. And it is tending to make infidel governments in the West more inclined to appease and thus embolden Jihadists to further their aspirations of global supremacy.

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