The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Nadia Matar, Leader, Women in Green and more on Details Concerning Jihadi Chatter Online and the Connections between Islamism and Nazism

October 25, 2014
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Learn details concerning threats facing the United States, Israel and other Western nations based on the latest Jihadi chatter online. Hear what is being cooked up in kitchens or small labs inside people’s homes as Islamists discuss how to use poisons as well as the Ebola virus as a weapon against Westerners. [For more: ]

Also learn more about the threats directed at America’s armed forces as the number of Islamists currently serving in the U.S. military is unknown. Some estimates indicate that number may be in the thousands.

Hear special guest Nadia Matar, leader of Women in Green, speak to the critical work now underway in Israel’s Knesset on the issue of gaining sovereignty over all Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria.

Learn more about the important work of securing Israel’s national security on this broadcast and visit Women in Green’s website at

And despite the lone wolf terrorist attack in New York this week by a convert to Islam, VICE News personnel, on the ground with members of the Islamic State, has reported that “thousands upon thousands” of Islamic Westerners are ready to launch attacks here in the United States based on an interview with Farah Shirdon aka Abu Usamah Somali – The Washington Times also ran this report. [See also video clip at: http://www.washingtontimes../=com/news/2014/sep/26/islamic-state-terrorist-well-make-some-attacks-in-/]

Hear also a secular Canadian Muslim, Tarek Fatah. He speaks to the issue of Islamofascim threatening not just Canada and the United States, but the global community. He notes the commitment by devout Muslims to institute Islam as the master faith, not unlike the Nazi belief system of establishing a “master race” that seeks world domination.

Also hear British Islamist Anjem Choudary warn of the Islamic caliphate expanding to Europe and the United States as I cite specific country examples concerning the spread and implementation of harsh shariah law even in places like Hamburg, Germany.

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