The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Heat-Seeking Missiles by ISIS; Barbarism has Invaded the West; and, Ted Cruz Stands with Israel

January 12, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Have you heard? The Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL, now has heat-seeking warheads that can be used to attack passenger airlines and military aircraft. On this week’s broadcast learn of the jihadist university in Raqqa, the Islamic State’s declared capital in Syria, recommissioning thousands of missiles viewed by Western governments as outdated.

Indeed, weapons experts in the West are stunned by the tremendous production of surface-to-air missiles being equipped with homemade thermal batteries for heat-seeking warheads.

Where will the next attack take place on U.S. soil? Who will be the Islamic State’s next victims?

Sharia law is imposed by the Islamic State on all those who fall under their control. But, what is Sharia law? Hear today’s broadcast! Most Muslims would admit that Sharia law should be the law of the land.

Likewise, consider the number of Islamists traveling illegally across the United States’ porous borders with Canada as well as Mexico. And note: People in the Departments of State and Homeland Security and the FBI have no knowledge of their whereabouts or intentions.

Moreover, in addition to illegal entry into the United States, a quarter million legal, Muslim migrants are allowed entry by the Obama administration.

Call the U.S. capital switchboard and tell your Congressional representative and Senators – NO to further Muslim immigration into the United States.

Learn what French citizens are discovering as Muslims there work to impose Sharia law in France. Hear these astounding blacked out broadcasts by the BBC. Media reports are going unaired by the British Broadcasting Corporation due to their politically incorrect message about the Muslim population in France, Germany and England.

Also on this broadcast, learn about the other face of jihad: Rape.

While men do rape women every day, learn about the pattern of sexual harassment and rape among Islamists or Muslims, a tolerated behavior in Muslim dominant countries.

Apparently unreported by media outlets in America, a massive terror attack was thwarted in Germany thanks to Israeli intelligence. Meanwhile, learn of Germany’s pay out to Nazi volunteer fighters from World War II.

And find out about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s “secret” emails on plans to provoke riots by Muslim Arabs (Palestinians) in Israel.

And learn about Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and his latest, powerful stand on behalf of Israel, a move that would strengthen the security of the U.S. and America’s sacred bond with Israel.

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