Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Todd Nettleton, Director of Media and Public Relations for The Voice of the Martyrs

September 13, 2014
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Learn more about the latest in a series of practice bombing runs by the Russians against the United States. Russia’s mock, cruise missile attacks may be related to increased tensions over Putin’s decision to attack targets in the Ukraine and fight a proxy war against the U.S. in Syria.

It comes at a time when Russian generals appear to be considering what a preemptive strike on American soil with Russian Strategic Rocket Forces, (nuclear forces), may look like. [See: Bill Gertz’s piece entitled: Russian Strategic Bombers Near Canada Practice Cruise Missile Strikes on U.S. Also, read my report on America’s new Cold War with the Russians at, March 11, 2014.]

Hear about U.S. backed Syrian rebels. These hard-core Islamists have now signed a ceasefire agreement with members of the Islamic State or IS/ISIS/ISIL. Hear news and analysis on Syrian rebels who now control nearly the entire Syrian border with Israel.

Also, hear special guest Todd Nettleton, Director of Media and Public Relations for The Voice of the Martyrs discuss Asia Bibi, a Pakistan mother and wife imprisoned for over five (5) years for her faith.

Please contact Pakistan’s embassy at 202.518.4146 or 202.243.6500 and request the release of Asia Bibi as well as other Christians arrested, tortured and imprisoned for their Christian faith.

Also, sign the petition for Asia Bibi’s release at and pray for her immediate release. Pray too for her health and safety and that of her family’s.

Moreover, hear Director Nettleton address the plight of Christians in other Muslim dominant countries as well as Communist North Korea.

In addition, do not miss a brief discussion on a dangerous policy choice President Obama is making with respect to the long-anticipated decision to destroy the terrorist entity, the Islamic State or IS/ISIS/ISIL.

Regarding the need to defeat Islamic terrorists and end the spread of Islamic imperialism against non-Muslim people and nations, The Denice Gary Pandol Show / Strategic Solutions reminds its listeners and readers of oft-stated tenets in Islam’s holy book, the Koran, such as; Sura 5:33 which reads: “. . . they [the infidels] shall be slain or crucified or have their alternate hands and feet cut off or be banished from the land. This is their disgrace in this world . . .”

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