The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Abraham Katsman, Counsel to Republicans Overseas in Israel on Clinton’s Illegal Election Manipulation; and, The Taylor Force Act, A Criticial, New Piece of Legislation that a President Trump can be Trusted to Sign Into Law

October 25, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

From Jerusalem, hear special guest Abraham Katsman, author and legal counsel for Republicans Overseas Israel.

Several issues surrounding the Clinton campaign’s illegal manipulation of the 2016 presidential election as well as massive voter fraud are discussed as we review points raised in Mr. Katsman’s latest article, “Post-Debate: Trump Right to Raise Fraud, Still Better for Israel,” [See:]

Learn more on Hillary Clinton’s use of vote rigging as Katsman and I point to Clinton Campaign Chairman, John Podesta. As has been reported, his emails provided instructions on how best to rig the polls by oversampling specific target groups and indeed, included a 37-page guide complete with poll-rigging recommendations.

And if you’re asking, why does Podesta want to oversample specific target groups in order to “rig” polling data; understand that this is a voter suppression technique. To rig polling data, by oversampling certain demographics, is a method used to maximize the false perception of a national advantage for a certain candidate, in this case Hillary Clinton, and thus swing the election in her favor by attracting more voters to the “winning” team.

So by establishing a false narrative, telling the country who is “winning,” Trump voters are indirectly led to believe that they may as well sit this election season out because their votes will have no effect on the election outcome. Wrong again. [See:]

Also, learn more on how the Clinton campaign has violated laws which ban assault, harassment, and libel. Find out about Clinton’s use of the political consulting firm, Democracy Partners. Founder of Democracy Partners, Robert Creamer, has visited the Obama White House 340 times; called the Clinton campaign daily; and, has also been tied to an organization, Americans United For Change, known for its instigation of violence against people who attend Trump rallies. Scott Foval was just fired from his position as national field director of Americans United For Change based on investigative videos by Project Veritas in which hidden cameras filmed conversations by Democratic strategists discussing the hiring of individuals to provoke violence. [See: and see: ]

And for voters who appreciate Israel’s strategic alliance as a steady, historic partner of the United States and her tremendous contributions to the United States in all areas of science, technology and medicine, hear and learn more on Hillary Clinton’s historic ties to terror groups and the secret campaign fund-raisers with friends and associates of Yasser Arafat, dating back to her run for the Senate in New York, in 2000, when she went up against Mayor Giuliani. [For more see:]

Also, consider that while the Obama administration continues to pay Palestinian terrorists millions of American tax-dollars as these militants continue to celebrate and glorify the murder of innocents, there has been new legislation introduced by Republican Senators. It is called the “Taylor Force Act.”

This new legislation is named after United States Army veteran, Taylor Force. He was stabbed to death, and his wife was severely injured along with 11 other souls, by an Arab Muslim, a Palestinian, living in Israel.

Taylor was a Texas native, an Eagle Scout, a West Point graduate and an Army Officer who served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was in Israel, as a graduate student, to learn specifically how Israeli start-ups, which provide medical and technological advancements world-wide, are accomplished.

Mahmoud Abbas, the so-called president of the Palestinian Authority, called Taylor’s murderer a “hero,” a typical response reserved for terrorists who kill in the name of Allah.

Contact the Capital switchboard at 202.224.3121. Tell your Senators to support the Taylor Force Act. Do your part to ensure that U.S. tax-payer money is cut off from the Palestinian Authority so long as it continues a policy of funding terrorism with impunity.

Would a President Trump sign this legislation? You bet. Would a President Clinton sign this piece of legislation? Absolutely not.

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