The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Will Americans Be Best Served by a Trump Presidency?; and, The Bakersfield Business Conference with Col. Allen West and Noting Remarks Made by Dr. Ben Carson

October 11, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

For American women and children, what national security issue is critical concerning their safety going forward? Learn more.

Clinton has promised to flood the United States with Muslim migrants, not unlike the governments of several European nations. And as the world has watched this phenomenon unfold in the capitals of Europe, the treatment of women, particularly Christian women, is often times tragic. There has been a spike in rapes, molestation and sometimes death. Allah’s followers, most of whom embrace the tenets of the Koran, are generally supportive of a theology that demands submission, and/or conversion, upon point-of-death of all non-Muslim, infidels.

Is a vote for Hillary Clinton a dangerous vote that gambles with the lives of all Americans?

As threats to the United States have continued to increase and become more frequent at home and abroad under the Obama administration, what will likely become the overwhelming security crises under a Clinton administration?

Learn how both Bill and Hillary Clinton have endangered American lives and why Trump is different. Hear my analysis on who is best suited and now better prepared to serve as the next Commander-in-Chief.

Note that candidate Trump has surrounded himself with politically incorrect retired U.S. military generals and admirals as well as KT McFarland, his newly appointed conservative national security specialist. Hear more.

And as Iranian backed Houthi rebels, for the second time in two weeks, fire missiles at another United States Navy ship, I reflect on a President Trump response vs. a President Clinton response.

And while liberal Democrats and Republicans have taken Trump to task over comments on NATO, (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), look at NATO’s Secretary General Stoltenberg’s statement on 05 October that makes clear that NATO will not participate in aiding U.S. combat operations against the Islamic State in Iraq.

Consider this: Even former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that America’s military alliance with Europe faces a “dim, if not dismal” future due to the United States’ disproportionate funding of NATO operations, and of allies “willing and eager for American taxpayers to assume the growing security burden left by reductions in European defense budgets.” [See:]

On sexual misconduct allegations against Trump, consider how Col. Allen West at Bakersfield’s Business Conference, a much acclaimed world-class event hosting over 9,000 people from across the country for an opportunity to see and hear many of the greatest men and women of the 20 and 21st century, addresses accusations of inappropriate comments concerning women going back several years.

And consider the words of Dr. Ben Carson, emeritus professor of neurosurgery and pediatrics at the John Hopkins School of Medicine. . . .


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