The Denice Gary Pandol Show: At U.N. America’s President Fulfills Another Promise; and, a Marine Speaks Out on 90 Day Travel Ban Echoes Broadcaster’s Decades Long Position

February 14, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Every day is Christmas with President Donald Trump!

Hear the latest victory for the side of peace and justice against the forces of tyranny and oppression.

As the President made clear in his Inaugural Address, he would work to unite the world against “radical Islamic terrorism.”

And last week the world stood witness to President Trump’s commitment to this promise when the United States stunned the United Nations by blocking the U.N. appointment of former Palestinian leader Salam Fayyad, who was set to serve as a special U.N. “peace envoy” to Libya in the Security Council.

The appointment of Fayyad put the United Nations bias against Israel and the West on full display. Known for his racism and oppressive policies, Fayyad’s television and radio stations in Ramallah continue to glorify and celebrate terrorists and suicide bombers; punish Muslim Arabs, (Palestinians), for interacting socially with Jewish Israelis; and, promote an economic campaign of boycotting Israeli products from Judea and Samaria. [For more see:]

The Denice Gary Pandol Show encourages listeners to tweet in support of this latest move at the U.N. by sending a thank you to the President for standing against the United Nations nomination of Salam Fayyad.

And importantly, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also praised the U.S. decision to veto the United Nations appointment noting the “free gifts constantly given to the Palestinian side.” [For more see:] And indeed, Arab “Palestinians” continue to receive billions in aid while committing acts of terror against innocents.

Also, hear this important statement by a former United States Marine who has been working in Iraq. He makes very clear, based on his personal experience, why President Trump’s temporary travel ban on refugees from Muslim dominant countries is needed.

As the war to liberate Mosul from the Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL continues, Steven Gern, a 43-year-old former Marine, was working as a security specialist in Iraq, He explains why he was rushed out of the country within less than 24 hours due to threats of torture and beheading, not by ISIS, but by the general population of Muslim Arabs in the area surrounding the compound where he was located.

It is a message concerning Shariah law and Islamic supremacy that I have shared on my broadcast for the past five (5) years.

Steven Gern has been living and working in Iraq where not just terrorist groups, but the general population can turn on a dime and attack and terrorize the very people, American soldiers and security experts, who are there to help liberate Iraq from ISIS.

We also thank President Donald Trump for his efforts to build “the Wall.” Mexican ISIS supporters hope to establish a caliphate in Mexico and Latin America. One particular Mexican ISIS supporter tweets about the Muslim population in Chiapas, Mexico. [See: The Middle East Media Research Institute] Americans may need that wall more than they know!

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