The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Another Unreported Terrorist Attack at Home; Christian Women Take on the Fight Against ISIS, Special Guest Dan Palmer on Military Veterans at Work

January 19, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Is the United States government now funding the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism to the tune of billions of dollars? Learn more.

And are Americans aware that under a Democratically controlled White House, thousands of Iranian forces have been deployed and are operating inside Syria, destabilizing the region still further, in addition to making public declarations on building new ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead – a violation of international law?

Consider also that Israel, America’s strategic partner in the war on Islamic terror, is now faced with ever greater threats to her security and stability as Palestinian or Muslim Arabs who embrace the Islamic Resistance Movement, HAMAS, stand to gain increases in material and financial support in their terrorist attacks against America’s best friend and ally in the region.

And hear about the latest attack as well as near attacks here in the United States that have virtually gone unreported by the media.

Moreover, did the Obama administration compromise the security of U.S. navy personnel; 10 sailors, nine men and one woman, moving through the Persian Gulf and facing mechanical problems at sea? Was it Defense Secretary Carter who led the enemy right to our sailors?

Meanwhile Americans have had to bear witness to U.S. sailors, captured by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, a terrorist entity, reportedly interrogated for hours and then in a humiliating gesture, shown on Iranian television apologizing to the Islamic Republic.

This amounts to another Iranian propaganda stunt as the United States releases billions to the bloody Iranian regime, a country known for its abysmal record on basic human rights.

And be mindful of the message this sends to Western nations as well as other brutal Muslim regimes in the region: While Obama remains in office, Iran has the upper hand and must be respected and feared for its ability to punish its adversaries – at will – including the military personnel of a global superpower!

And note: As these sailors were released, four more Americans have gone missing, abducted in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital city, under virtual control by the Iranian regime.

Also uncover more on the recent vulnerabilities to America’s security and the safety and protection of all Americans by the politically correct crowd. Hear information on the latest move by a U.S. District Court to purge certain files of the New York Police Department – documents pertaining to the investigations of Islamic terrorists and their networks inside the U.S.

In addition, learn of the very direct hits women have had to endure in Israel and in Syria as a new all-female, Christian fighting force emerges to take on Islamic terrorists, such as the Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL in Syria.

And hear special guest Dan Palmer, Founder of Military Veterans at Work. Dan Palmer and his lovely wife, Bernadette, have dedicated themselves to helping veterans who have come back from fighting the good fight in order to keep you and I free and safe here on the home front!

Now out of the armed forces, many veterans need a place back in America’s work force. Contact Military Veterans at Work by contacting Dan Palmer at 661.472.8844. If you are a veteran and need work or if you know of a veteran who needs work – phone Dan Palmer. And see the Facebook page of Military Veterans at Work and show support; click like!

Finally, has the Presidential family now purchased a multi-million dollar, seaside luxury mansion in Dubai, in the Muslim country of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? And was a top United States Navy commander fired over his questions concerning why Naval security personnel were dispatched from their assigned posts at Camp David to go on a house hunting mission for the Obamas? Hear more.

And note: There is no extradition treaty with the UAE. And neither the Pentagon or the real estate agent on the mansion listing, would confirm or deny this story.

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