The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Abraham Katsman on Clinton’s Incompetence to Serve as Commander-in-Chief; U.S. Led Forces to Enter Islamic Caliphate in Iraq; and, Former Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on Clinton’s Betrayal of U.S. Military and Intelligence Personnel

July 12, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

As United States-led coalition forces prepare to liberate Mosul, the Islamic State’s caliphate in Iraq first captured in June of 2014, America’s military men and women face what is being described as the “mother of all battles.” Indeed, Mosul is Iraq’s second largest city with a population of 700,000.

Pray this day for the safety of United States troops, intelligence operatives, as well as for the safe rescue of men, women and children enslaved and tortured by soldiers of the Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh and their Sunni Muslim sympathizers.

Moreover, this broadcast deals with the question: Is Hillary Clinton fit to be President of the United States and thereby, serve as leader of the free world?

Hear this excellent discussion with Abraham Katsman in Jerusalem. An author and speaker, he also serves as Counsel to Republican Overseas in Israel and recently wrote another penetrating piece published in the The Times of Israel entitled: “The Opposite of Benghazi: Happy Entebbe Anniversary, Mrs. Clinton.” [See:]

Find out what lessons the Democrats ought to have gleaned from Israel’s successful hostage rescue some 40 years earlier.

Speaking at a memorial ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of the rescue of Israeli hostages held by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, PFLP, terrorists at Entebbe airport in Uganda in 1976, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu called the mission “the most impressive hostage rescue operation in history.” [See:] And thus, so it remains.

Learn how Israel handed Palestinian terrorists a major defeat in a country 2,500 miles away and in a land sympathetic to those perpetrators of murder and mayhem. And consider: Washington Democrats, most notably Hillary Clinton, with military assets just 320 miles away, was unwilling to provide the needed military back-up for Americans, who in the weeks and months prior to the September 11 attacks in 2012, requested increased security hundreds of times and got nothing, Americans who in the end, ultimately paid for Clinton’s failure with their lives.

Also, hear my analysis on Hillary Clinton’s decision to break the law and send classified material, possibly jeopardizing the lives of intelligence operatives on the ground in enemy countries and then lied about it. Hear former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfield’s considered view on the subject as well.

And learn how the Obama / Clinton team’s appeasement of Islamic Revolutionaries in Iran has further emboldened the leadership in this rogue regime. Indeed, a new military chief, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, IRGC, a terrorist entity, has now been placed over the Armed Forces General Staff inside the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Then learn if there is an Islamic connection with the Black Lives Matter movement. Regarding the Dallas massacre of police, the FBI is investigating an anti-police group that attended a Dallas mosque. Are groups like The Nation of Islam and its mosque involved in working to foment a race war in the U.S.?

Finally, take time to pray. Lift up those who are daily brutalized by ISIS and call on the President and your member of Congress. Ask why they have done nothing to secure a safe haven for Christians, Yezidis, and other women and children and their families.

Please contact your Senators and member of Congress at 202.224.3121. Demand that safe zones be established inside Syria and Iraq for those who are in desperate need of protection.

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