The Denice Gary Pandol Show: What do Declassified FBI Documents Reveal on Islamist Compounds Stockpiling Weapons in America?; Learn What is at Stake as Prime Minister Netanyahu Comes Under Attack by CBS 60 Minutes; and, Is the Slaughter of Christians on the Rise?

December 13, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Are ISIS followers preparing for more attacks in America?

Stockpiling weapons in preparation for jihad, learn more as Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project reveals information from declassified FBI documents on Islamist compounds around the United States. Note that Islamists are obtaining firearms and bombs and are preparing for battle.

Also, hear these latest reports concerning the Muslim slaughter of Christians around the globe. Please pray for their safety. So many are coming under attack from Islamic groups not only in Europe, but throughout the Middle East as Christians are being burned alive and their homes and churches destroyed. [See Raymond Ibrahim’s website:]

Indeed, hear about pro-Islamic State followers who read posts on the ISIS Telegram channel calling for Muslims to initiate attacks at Christmas, Hanukah and on New Year’s Day suggesting that they “prepare a gift for the filthy pigs / apes,” referring to Christians and Jews. And see The Middle East Media Research Institute’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor Report for more information on communication about terrorism by terrorists.

And hear directly from Ohio State University, OSU, students as they deny the terrorist attack on their campus by a Somali born student who used his car as a weapon to run down his fellow students and then abandoned his vehicle to attack with a butcher knife.

The politically correct message from OSU students reveals they have yet to grasp the depth of racism and prejudice felt by Islam’s true believers against the infidels since the inception of Muhammadanism – truly not a Friday / Saturday religion, but a way of life. [To view the video go here:]

In segment two (2) hear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel fend off attacks by Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes” a CBS broadcast.

Hear Stahl speak of Israeli “occupation” for “50 years” when referring to land the Jewish people have been inhabiting for 4,000 years; land where there has never been an Arab Muslim or Palestinian nation-state; land won in hard-fought wars for survival and in self-defense; land legally administered by Israel according to international law by a people who won every single war launched against them since its re-establishment in 1948; and, land that is identified as the land of the Hebrews / Jews consistently and repetitively in the Holy Scriptures.

Issues including a “peace process” were also raised. Hear my analysis on the subject as I make clear that any future peace process with Muslim Arabs must begin with the idea that Muslims must negotiate a peace treaty for the sake of peace – not land; that Palestinian educational institutions must abandon racist, hate filled textbooks; that Palestinians displaced in the 1948/1967 war waged against Israel should no longer be recognized as “refugees;” and, Israel’s annexation of Judea and Samaria must come into fruition for the sake of justice and peace.

Also hear Stahl call into question Prime Minister Netanyahu’s concerns about President Obama’s embrace of the Iranian nuclear deal that has allowed the release of billions of dollars to a regime that sponsors terrorism worldwide. [See:]

Hear my take as the Islamic Republic of Iran threatens to use warehouses of missiles to “flatten Tel Aviv.” Could the regime be threatening U.S. cities as well?

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