The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Jeff Daube, Dir., ZOA in Jerusalem, Speaks on Terrorists Setting Israel on Fire; President Elect Trump; ISIS Attack on Israel; and The Taylor Force Act; Plus, Are American ISIS Jihadists Headed Back Home?; and, Obama Gives Another Green Light to Islamic Terrorism

November 27, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

As American, Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL, jihadists appear to be leaving Mosul, intelligence officials look for their return back to the United States to carry-on Islamic jihad on the U.S. home front. Learn more.

Hear Director Jeff Daube, in the Jerusalem office of the Zionist Organization of America, on fires ignited across the state of Israel. Arrests have been made as Muslim Arab, (Palestinian), terrorists celebrate jihad through the use of what is being labeled “arson terrorism.”

In a single day, 220 fires reportedly broke out in areas throughout the tiny nation. And over 80,000 families were evacuated just from the Haifa area alone.

Hear a Holocaust survivor speak of witnessing the attack that destroyed her home as she observed a terrorist throw a Molotov cocktail, an incendiary weapon, also known as a petrol bomb, from a passing car. [Hear the interview at]

Meanwhile, as fires blazed in the tourist community of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, National Park Service spokeswoman confirmed that the fire killed three (3) while 14,000 others had to be evacuated. Reportedly, there is no direct evidence of a deliberate attack, although ISIS, Al Qaeda and Palestinians have called for setting fires in an effort to terrorize both the populations in Israel and the United States.

Director Daube also responds to issues concerning ISIS and an ISIS linked group that fired upon Israel Defense Forces, the IDF, inside Israel in the southern Golan Heights.

And hear more as Director Daube addresses reports that rabbis in Israel have described President Elect Donald Trump’s victory as a divinely sent blessing to the Jewish state.

On another topic, President Elect Donald Trump prepares to officially appoint Marine General James Mattis ‘Mad Dog’ as Secretary of Defense. This is the same general who opposed the Iranian nuclear deal or JCPOA and was fired by President Obama.

And consider: President Obama has now given the green light to sell commercial aircraft to Iran as the Islamic Republic uses these planes to smuggle in weapons, ammunition, and missile technology, to its agents on the ground, to further its terrorist operations.

Also, get an update on the Taylor Force Act as it moved into the House of Representatives for passage. Taylor, an Eagle Scout as a boy, later a West Point graduate and an Army Officer who served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist while in Israel as a graduate student to learn about successful start-up companies.

And learn more on the plight of Christians still living under the Palestinian Authority in Gaza. Prayers are needed as forced conversions to Islam, kidnappings, and torture persist.

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