The Denice Gary Pandol Show: The Director of National Intelligence on an Escalating Number of Terror Threats Expected in 2016; A Foiled Assassination Plot Of Israel’s Prime Minister; and, Where do U.S. Presidential Candidates Stand on Israel?

February 23, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, speak to the increase in global threats by Islamic terrorists that are expected to confront the United States in 2016.

Learn details of the recently foiled assassination plot against Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in Jerusalem. The plot, contrived by Muslim Arab or Palestinian terrorists, two men associated with the Islamic Resistance Movement or HAMAS, was thwarted by Israel’s Security Agency – Shin Bet.

As the fight against incessant terror attacks by Muslim citizens and / or residents of Israel continues, where do United States’ presidential candidates stand concerning this important strategic ally and the national security interests of Israel that are so fundamentally tied to America’s own security?

Moreover, new information has just been released on massive weapons caches uncovered in Muslim Arab communities in the hills of Samaria as well as in Judea as Palestinian terror attacks continue daily.

And listen and find out more on President Obama’s decision to reduce spending on counter-terrorism measures that help keep cities safe across the United States. Sign the petition today, made available by Col. Allen West, President and CEO of National Center for Policy Analysis at

Also, hear the latest contribution by a fearless, United States air force crew that came to the rescue of a foreign F-16 pilot who was unable to refuel his fighter jet over Islamic State or ISIS territory. Recall the fate of a former Jordanian pilot who was shown being burned alive inside a cage by ISIS terrorists? The U.S. air force saved this foreign fighter pilot’s life!

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