The Denice Gary Pandol Show: On Genocide with Special Guest Lisa Miara, President of Springs of Hope Foundation and an Update on the Widespread Use of Death and Destruction not only by the Islamic State but Other Sunni and Shiite Operatives Worldwide

April 12, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Coming direct from war-torn northern Iraq, hear this exclusive interview with Lisa Miara, President of Springs of Hope Foundation. Listen-in as Ms. Miara describes the horrific crimes of genocide committed by the followers of Islam from inside Iraq.

As the Islamic State or ISIS works to expand its network in North America, learn of its brutal march against the daily lives of an innocent people in yet another part of the world. Like Christians, Jews and other religious minority groups living in Muslim controlled countries, the Yezidis have committed no crime. And yet because these religious minorities identify themselves ideologically as something other than that of a true and devout Muslim, they are found guilty and suffer untold, numerous acts of immense cruelty by their Islamic captors.

Ms. Miara’s organization is helping save the lives of these helpless Yezidi families, particularly women and children, held in captivity by ISIS, who bear unspeakable atrocities. Hear Lisa Miara speak to the issue of helping bring women and small children out of enslavement and into a place where the hard work of rebuilding their broken, devastated lives can begin.

And consider what is found in Genesis 12:03, a text that states that through God’s chosen, the Hebrew or Jewish people, “. . . all the families of the earth are blessed.” Indeed, the President of Springs of Hope Foundation, Lisa Miara, represents that mark of greatness found in the Jewish people. Her life speaks to the tremendous contributions the Jewish civilization has made towards the betterment of human kind since first introducing the world to monotheism and the Holy Scriptures which are read and studied around the globe.

And after hearing this remarkable woman on today’s broadcast it will also become immediately clear why the total elimination of the Islamic State is needed now.

Ask your policy makers in Washington, D.C: Is the United States’ military and security services actively working to eradicate the Islamic State’s two caliphates, one the size of Indiana in Iraq and Syria the other in Libya? Or is current U.S. policy simply to contain ISIS and its barbarism and that of other organizations such as Al Qaeda, HAMAS, (the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement) among other Palestinian groups and other Sunni and Shiite terror entities that include Boko Horam, Al Shabab, the Taliban and Hizballah as the number of deaths continue to climb beyond 700 percent since 2011?

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