The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Islamists Behead Christian Children: White House Appears Indifferent; Prevents Sanctions Against Iran – Supports Sanctions on Friend and Ally Israel

December 29, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Ladies and Gentlemen hear this special end-of-year broadcast by your host, Denice on the Middle East. This show was first brought to you last year at this same time and highlights the issue areas, the threats, concerns and dangers precipitated by the Obama administration. The events highlighted in this broadcast will continue to affect U.S. security and standing in the global community and Israel’s national security interests.

While working to prevent Congress from approving new sanctions against Iran, the administration leaked reports that it was considering sanctions against America’s most important friend and ally in the Middle East, Israel. Now it seems new penalties against the Islamic Republic may ultimately be forthcoming in 2016 due to Iran’s nuclear missile development.

Also hear White House spokesman, Josh Ernest, refuse to answer questions on meetings between President Obama, his National Security team headed by Susan Rice, and State Department officials who sought to impose tough sanctions against Israel, as the White House took action to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s more conservative Prime Minister.

Learn why Republican senators were alarmed at the President’s plans to bypass the U.S. Senate and a constitutional treaty process in reaching a nuclear deal with the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism.

Meanwhile, throughout 2015, “death to America” remained the popular chant of large crowds of Iranians throughout U.S.-led negotiations even while Iran continued to enrich uranium in support of their weapons of mass destruction.

Also on Iran, hear Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Adviser betray the security interests of the American people. In a secretly taped meeting, hear Rhodes speak to the issue of an Iran deal as a “signature piece” much like the “Obamacare” so-called “achievement,” during Obama’s first term in office.

Learn of the latest legislation passed by Congress concerning the significant, strategic partnership between the U.S. and Israel as the Republican driven legislature seeks to expand cooperation in support of U.S. homeland security, cyber security, defense, water management, and research and development.

And hear the chilling words of the mother of Uday Abu-Jamal, who recites a “poem” and praises the murders carried out by her son and nephew the day after they walked into a neighborhood synagogue in Israel. These young men approached those in prayer with knives, meat cleavers, and a pistol and murdered five souls.

Also, find out what security warnings were being given to U.S. citizens as they traveled overseas – not unlike this year.

And hear of another American, a teacher, who was stabbed-to-death in a mall in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates as jihadists continue to target Americans and other Westerners overseas and here at home in malls and neighborhood centers.

Moreover, as the Obama administration demonstrated indifference to the suffering of Christians at the hands of Islamists throughout 2015, learn what was happening and has continued to happen to Christian children at the hands of the Islamic State, IS/ ISIS/ISIL by the Vicar of Baghdad.

And hear more on the ISIS and Al Qaeda threat to children of all faiths inside the Middle East today.

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