The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Learn How America’s Citizens Can be Better Protected from Islamic Terrorism; CIA Director Brennan on ISIS Infiltration into the U.S.; and, Great Britain’s Gatestone Institute on the Impact of Muslim Migrants in Europe

June 21, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

On this broadcast learn how the United States and its allies can better protect their citizens from Islamic terrorists and their networks. And then contact the President and your member of Congress. Advise them on how America can better safeguard its security and lead the free world, by example, into a less vulnerable future.

Hear CIA Director John Brennan, a presidential appointee, contradict the Obama administration’s suggestion that the U.S. and its allies are winning the war against Islamic terrorism.

And find out more concerning the global network of the Islamic State, IS,ISIS,ISIL,Daesh sympathizers who have successfully infiltrated the United States and elsewhere through Syrian and Iraqi refugee flows, smuggling routes, including tunnels out of Mexico, as well as legitimate methods of travel using fake passports.

Has the CIA Director in fact, now validated Donald Trump’s call for a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration into the United States?

Director Brennan makes clear that Islamists are intensifying and adapting to the fight against them by Western nations. In effect, Islamists are using the freedoms available in the West to attack the “infidels” at home.

As pointed out in last week’s broadcast, ISIS along with other Islamic groups, will continue to make efforts to launch attacks on the United States, Israel and Europe during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan which began in early June and ends July 05.

As ISIS has made clear: “Ramadan [is] the month of conquest and jihad. Get prepared, be ready … to make it a month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers … especially for the fighters and supporters of the caliphate in Europe and America.” Attacks on military and civilian targets throughout America and around the world are expected. [See:]

On another subject related to this week’s Brexit vote: Hear Douglas Murray from the Gatestone Institute, a British think tank out of London, address the issue of Muslim immigrants coming to Europe. He notes these migrants are overwhelmingly young males and appear devoid of any desire to assimilate into the Judeo-Christian culture of Western Europe.

Moreover, Murray addresses the issues of jobs. He suggests that if countries like Germany need more workers why not hire from the ranks of the unemployed youth in countries such as; Greece, Italy, Portugal and other European countries.

And learn more about the father of Omar Mateen, the Orlando terrorist who murdered 49 Americans this month. Indeed, the father, Seddique Mateen is a Taliban supporter. Interestingly enough, now Al Qaeda’s leader has pledged allegiance to the new Taliban chief.

Again, consider the historical record on preserving America’s national security: Jimmy Carter ordered 50,000 Iranian students in the United States to report to immigration offices with a view to deporting them during the Islamic Revolution and the taking of 66 Americans hostage in Iran using the Nationality Act of 1952.


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