The Denice Gary Pandol Show: An Old War by Islam’s True Believers for Islamic Supremacism Secures Powerful Gains in the 21st Century: Muslim Enclaves in the U.S. and in Europe – Jihadi Central

December 15, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

As evidenced by recent attacks against Israel, Russia, Egypt and now France, hear about the growth of the Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL or Daesh as the Caliphate evolves as a state actor with a growing infrastructure to a transnational actor or state-sponsor of terrorism.

Meanwhile, the United States President, in his own words, describes the war being waged against France as a “setback” while French President François Hollande calls the recent attacks in the heart of his country, “an act of war.”

You will also hear the President on this broadcast speak the words of Muslim Brotherhood organization, CAIR or the Council on American-Islamic Relations and you will learn what the President has suggested to the Pentagon and to the American people on how ISIS and Islamic terrorists can best be defeated!

Contact your member of Congress and ask that they support legislation introduced by Senator Cruz which designates the Muslim Brotherhood as the foreign terrorist organization that it is. The Capitol switchboard number is 202.224.3121.

Also hear what the CIA Director John Brennan has said, in his own words, about the recent terror attacks in France. Learn what Director Brennan believes now, more than ever, is critical in terms of cooperation, joint action and information-sharing with America’s allies.

And learn how companies like Google refuse to provide the encrypted communications needed by investigative agencies like the FBI and intelligence agencies like the CIA.

Gathering the kind of intelligence information needed to protect Americans has become much more difficult. Officials speculate that the terrorists in Paris and here in the U.S. are maintaining secrecy through encrypted messages which are difficult for intelligence agencies to access creating “dark spots.” [See my article on this at:]

Also hear about the Muslim enclaves in the United States preparing for jihad as you learn the results of the Belgian government’s decision to ignore the enclave of Molenbeek, a suburb or district of Brussels, now known after the attacks in Paris as “Europe’s Jihadi Central.”

And despite all this, hear my analysis on President Obama’s decision to open wide the gates to another major terror attack in the United States.

Hear and learn more on issues related to the admittance of a quarter of a million Muslim migrants into the United States each year. Twelve years after the September 11th, hijackers were invited into the country on temporary visas, the U.S. decided to admit 280,276 migrants from Muslim countries within a single fiscal year. This may not sound like a tremendous number of people, but to put these numbers into perspective, this means that every year the United States admits a number of Muslim migrants larger in size than the entire population of Des Moines, Iowa; Lincoln, Nebraska; or Dayton, Ohio.

Working an economic hardship on the U.S., during both the Bush and Obama administrations, between 2001 and 2013, the U.S. permanently resettled 1.5 million Muslim immigrants throughout the country. Unlike illegal immigrants, legal immigrants are granted the privilege of lifetime resettlement and are given automatic work permits, welfare access, food stamps and the ability to become voting citizens. […/federal-data-u-s-annually-admit…/]

Anti-Semitism and anti-Christian attitudes are prevalent in the Muslim world. Here you can see what Muslim Sunnis are doing to Christians in the Middle East as President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the American Left want the United States to open wide the gates to more Muslim immigrants. [See:]

Also, learn more about the Islamic State’s most recent rocket attacks against Israel as well as Egypt, as both nations continue to reel from a series of attacks.

And why is Egypt – a majority, Muslim country an ISIS target? Egyptian President Al Sisi has closed 27,000 mosques inside his country as a result of the constant incitement to terror and the glorification of terrorism and bloodshed in that majority Muslim country. []

Consider: Mosques in and around Israel, Egypt, the United States and elsewhere across the globe often serve as ticking time bombs that threaten a nation’s national security.


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