The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Why President Elect Trump was Right to Receive Taiwanese President’s Phone Call; Why Sec of State Kerry was Wrong on Israel’s Prime Minister, Netanyahu; and Why Israel is Right to Refuse more Real-Estate Give Aways to State’s Enemies

December 6, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Why is The Denice Gary Pandol Show so very pleased to hear that President-elect, Donald Trump, made the decision to accept the congratulatory call from Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen?

Consider the following: Communist China or the People’s Republic of China was just caught flying nuclear-capable bombers around the Chinese island of Taiwan after the Communist regime devalued America’s currency, making it hard for U.S. companies to compete, while heavily taxing American products going into the rogue regime, and at the same time, building a massive military complex in the South China Sea – signaling an ability to cut off international waterways and a determination for greater military hegemony in the region.

Learn why President-elect Trump was correct in receiving a telephone call from the leader of Taiwan, a nation-state officially known as the Republic of China, (ROC).

It was the ROC nationalists, the forces of democracy, that fought hard against the Communists on mainland China during the Chinese Civil War. After the Communists seized control over the main island, 99% of China became known as the People’s Republic of China. Since 1950, only the small island of Taiwan and its surrounding islands have remained under the democratically controlled ROC. And note: Taiwan or the ROC has its own independently elected government, laws, military and police force.

On United States – Israel relations, hear Secretary of State John Kerry who spoke on 12.04.2015 at the Saban Forum of the left leaning Brookings Institute. Kerry spent most of his time criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and conservative leaders in Israel for protecting their national security as opposed to pursuing a real-estate-give-away program to the Jewish state’s enemies who seek Israel’s annihilation.

Learn why the application of sovereignty must be applied over all of Israel, especially in light of the incitement to terrorism against Jewish born Israelis on a daily basis.

Hear an example of this incitement to murder as you listen to a video clip put out by the official mouthpiece of the Palestinian Authority – advocating for slicing “open the enemy’s [Jewish] chest.”

On another note: The media fails to report that American – Arab Muslim terrorists or Palestinian terrorists, who murder overseas, are not being prosecuted by the Obama Justice Department.

However, the Obama administration now seeks to put the Israeli government on trial due to an American “Palestinian” terrorist who was killed while carrying out an act of terrorism.

His name was Mahmoud Shalan, a “Palestinian” with U.S. citizenship who sought to murder Israeli soldiers during a knife attack. In the end, Shalan would die of his wounds after soldiers fought back. But note: The Obama administration is demanding a full-scale investigation of Shalan’s death due to the administration’s “concerns” about the death of an American citizen in Israel. [For more information hear this week’s broadcast and read:]

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