The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Ambassador Zvi Mazel on Islam’s Bigotry; Jihadists New Online “Help Desk”; and, Barbarism, Evidenced by Fierce Attacks on Israelis, Remains High

February 16, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

In 1911, a former Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt, wrote the following in reference to non-Jewish Middle Easterners, calling them “bigoted Moslems,” in a letter to his long-time friend Sir George Otto Trevelyan. On other occasions, Roosevelt reportedly spoke of the “bigotry, tyranny, and cruel religious intolerance” of Islamic forces. [See: Michael B. Oren’s “Power, Faith, and Fantasy,” p. 311]

Is there an historic legacy of Islamic anti-Semitism or bigotry against Jews in addition to Christians and other non-Muslims that remains prevalent and widespread in the 21st century?

Hear special guest Israeli, Ambassador Zvi Mazel, who served twice as ambassador to Egypt, as well as to Romania from 1989-1991, a witness to the Romanian Revolution in 1989, and who also served as Israel’s ambassador to Sweden from 2002-2004.

Listen to an important discussion on the relationship between the Koran, Islam’s holy book and the Muslim world. Is there a “moderate Islam” or must Islam be reformed, literally transformed?

Also hear this exclusive concerning the new “help desk” available to jihadists world-wide. This new Islamic “customer service” agency provides tutorials and up-to-date cyber security details while catering to the technical needs of Islamic terrorists on-line. This new effort, called the Electronic Horizon Foundation, is now considered a top disseminator of cyber security information to Islamists who seek to inhibit electronic surveillance by Western intelligence services. [For more information see MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor at]

Moreover, hear the latest under-reported attacks by Islamists in Montesano, Washington and Columbus, Ohio. The details will shock you. And learn of additional attacks that have occurred in less than a week’s time including the burning of children to death by Nigeria’s Boko Haram . . . .

Moreover, hear what the Israelis are facing as fierce attacks against civilians remains high and Muslim Arab (Palestinians) play barbaric music videos for children and adults on blowing up civilian buses -filling the streets with blood and body parts. [For more see: MEMRI’s]

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