The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Dir. Jeff Daube of the Zionist Organization of America in Jerusalem on President Trump’s Ground Breaking Policy Shift On Israel; Vice President Pence’s Bold Statements at NATO Headquarters in Brussels; Sweden: Rape Capital of the West; U.S. Mosques Celebrate Terrorism; and, Increase of Attacks on Christian Minority in Egypt

February 21, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

In segment one, hear Vice President Pence address U.S. NATO allies at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. He candidly speaks to false and misleading reports by the liberal media here in the U.S. and in Europe concerning America’s leadership in NATO and the global community.

Presenting a solid, foreign policy speech on behalf of the Trump administration, Vice President Pence makes clear that the President expects NATO allies to contribute to the costs of their own national security and to help shoulder the burden in the fight against Islamic terrorism, but remains deeply committed to America’s role in NATO in facing down threats to the peace and security of the Western world.

Hear the Vice President put NATO nations on notice!

The United States taxpayer has been paying 70 percent of the costs to help ensure the security of European nations, many of whom are rich. NATO allies must now meet their alliance commitment or else. While not giving details on the “or else” even NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg noted the Trump administration’s demands are “clear, firm, and fair.” [See:]

Learn which countries have met the 2 percent standard of NATO membership and know that allies such as Germany and Italy have yet to pay the agreed-upon 2 percent of their gross national product on defense.

Once again, every day is Christmas with President Donald Trump!

Hear segment two and this fascinating discussion with the Director of the Jerusalem Division of the Zionist Organization in America, Jeff Daube. Speaking from his headquarters in Israel, Jeff and I discuss what appears to be a sea change in United States foreign policy concerning a Two-State Solution as noted in President Trump’s press conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. Hear this ground-breaking news and analysis!

Also, hear more about President Trump’s pick for ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. Democrats have been abusive to the point of dishonest in their harsh statements and questioning of Mr. Friedman in the Senate.

Friedman has been a great supporter of Israel and someone who has had the courage to stand against support for a Two-State Solution. He is a man that understands that the notion of land-for-peace has already proven to be a failed policy approach to peace between Muslim Arabs (Palestinians) intent on destroying Jewish Israel.

The failed land-for-peace paradigm was first introduced by Democrat, Jimmy Carter. Israelis and Americans need only look at Gaza and the Sinai to see the terrible human rights abuses and corruption in order to know that giving up land in support of peace has not and will not work. Indeed, another Muslim Arab state is neither in the national security interests of Israel or the United States.

Also, learn more on what U.S. mosques do to support terrorism and Shariah law; on the sharp increase in Muslim attacks on the Christian minority population in Egypt; and, on Sweden: The rape capital of the West.

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