The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest, Director of Israel’s ZOA, Jeff Daube on Terrorism on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel; University of California Professor Calls for Intifadah in America; Islamic State Martyrs Sacrifice their Children; and U.S. Senate Works to Criminalize Free Speech

July 18, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Are your tax dollars hard at work for you?! Hear and consider University of California, Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, a Muslim Arab, (Palestinian), calling for intifadah – a violent uprising inside the United States. And indeed, he is not alone.

As more Muslim immigrants move into the United States, reports indicate the number of anarchists and anti-Semites is growing across the country. You can hear Bazian’s horrific anti-Semitism, blaming the world’s tremendously small Jewish civilization, for global problems. [See:]

And as Palestinian leaders in and around Israel advocate daily for its destruction, Muslim Palestinians entered the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and opened fire, Sunday, 16 July. Two Israeli security officials were shot-to-death. Israeli security personnel are always on site to protect the safety and security of people of all faiths who wish to visit this most Holy Site to the Jewish people from time immemorial dating back before the advent of Christianity and later in the 7th century, Islam.

Hear special guest, Israel’s Director of the Zionist Organization of America, Jeff Daube, on the riots in Jerusalem as the Jewish State takes the commonsense approach of installing metal detectors and cameras at the multiple entrances made available to Muslims as a special courtesy. Note: Israeli Jews are allowed a single entrance only.

Rejecting this latest security measure, Muslims continue to riot in the streets today. Hear about the Muslim Waqf. Might they be using the mosque to hide weapons used by terrorists?

Meanwhile, Israelis do the hard work of safeguarding the lives of everyone hoping to visit this historic site where the First and Second Jewish Holy Temples once stood, then destroyed, only to have Muslim warriors eventually capture and build a mosque on this most holy of Jewish historic, religious sites.

Also, hear Director Daube about a landmark Knesset hearing, Israel’s version of America’s Congress, on applying Israeli law to Israelis living in the heartland, Judea and Samaria, what Muslims want to control as a future state in the West Bank. [See Director Daube’s article on the subject here: ]

And learn how the Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh martyr themselves, leaving their own small children, toddlers, to starve to death. Recall last week’s broadcast with Lisa Miara of Springs of Hope Foundation on the escape and rescue of women and children – some of whom are at Camp Sharya.

Help Lisa break the apathy of the world towards the smallest of children who have experienced horrific atrocities inside Iraq. Repeatedly, we hear the stories of the victims, many of whom are just children who have been witness to family members tortured, beheaded, burned alive, and crucified. Go to Lisa’s website, www.SpringsofHope.Foundation and stand with her for life and hope in the lives of the innocent. Her NGO “relies on acts of kindness and generosity from people like yourself” for those who “struggle to survive post genocide.”

And hear me revisit the issue of Islamic groups seeking to criminalize free speech. Viciously anti-Semitic organizations who support terrorists and regularly condemn U.S. counter-terrorism measures, groups like MPAC, the Muslim Public Affairs Council and Emgage USA, drafted U.S. Senate Resolution 118 that condemns any form of expression that may be perceived as hostile to Islam or racist – unanimously passed by the Senate.

Noteworthy is that Islam has nothing to do with race or ethnicity – it’s an ideology that has been embraced by races and ethnic groups the world over.

Learn more. And contact your member in the Senate and House of Representatives. Tell them you want Senate Resolution 118 repealed! The Capital Switchboard number is 202.224.3121.

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