The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Dr. Martin Sherman on the Obama Administration’s Reaction to a Policy of Ethnic Cleansing; Why Islamists Hate Westerners; and, Tom Pavich on The Election Integrity Project

September 20, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Has the United States become a more dangerous place . . . are Americans living abroad under increased danger?

Over a three (3) day period last week, Americans were made aware of at least 5 Islamic terror attacks, not knowing if other, near attacks, had also occurred elsewhere in the U.S. The F.B.I. has active terror probes and indications are they prevent terrorist attacks on a near daily basis.

Why do Islamists kill Americans, Israelis, and other Westerners?

Why do Islamists publish books and articles on why they “hate” and will continue to “fight” all non-Muslim people and nations until they submit to Islamic authority.

Hear this week’s broadcast for answers.

Listen to presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, who in her own words, makes the false claim that under the leadership of President Obama, the country is safer as both she and the President facilitate the importation of hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants into the country – refusing to consider the option of establishing safe havens in the Middle East where people enjoy and embrace the same language, customs, traditions and faith making displacement and transition smoother and easier.

And learn more about the meat cleaver holding Palestinian Muslim who hacked a New York City policeman. The officer now has a large wound running down the front of his face from his temple to his jaw.

Yelling “Allahu Akbar,” Jihad Joudeh had a record of possessing knives and threatening Americans with knife attacks. The Obama Justice Department appears to have dropped Joudeh’s previous charges that included harassing congregants of a Brooklyn synagogue with two knives, shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

There were also attacks in New York and New Jersey where bombs exploded and in a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, a Somali Muslim attacked shoppers. People were asked if they were Muslim or non-Muslim. Muslims were free to go.

This is reminiscent of the Al Qaeda linked, Al Shabab Kenyan terrorist group that tortured and murdered 39 shoppers and wounded 150 more, including Americans, at a Westgate shopping mall in Kenya in September of 2013.

Learn more about the terror threat as it confronts America’s most important strategic ally in the war on Islamic terrorists.

Hear special guest Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, with experience in the Israeli intelligence community. A speaker and author of several academic publications, Dr. Sherman and I discuss his recent article on a policy of “ethnic cleansing” by Muslim Arabs, who self-identify as Palestinians. [See: ]

Dr. Sherman shares the outrageous response by the Obama team to a video made public by Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu on the Palestinian insistence that no Jews be allowed to live in any area controlled by the Palestinian authority or in another Muslim Arab, “Palestinian” state.

Also hear special guest Tom Pavich on The Election Integrity Project. A non-partisan organization, the Project’s Kern County chapter was established in 2012 to prevent voter fraud and ensure the integrity of the election process at local voting precincts or polling stations. Contact Tom Pavich for more information at 661.703.0922.

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