The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Moshe Ben Baruch on Near Fatal Terror Attack; What Does the Islamic State’s Manifesto Tell Us About Future Threats to the Homeland; and, Who do Muslim leaders and Islamic Sympathizers Blame for Terror on U.S. Soil?

December 8, 2015
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear what can be found in the Islamic State’s Manifesto concerning sleeper cells.

What should the average American be doing in this on-going war against Islamic terrorists? Find out. Listen to this week’s broadcast and contact your leaders in Washington.

Regarding the San Bernardino attacks: Note that wife, Tashfeen Malik, who married American Muslim Syed Farook, was thoroughly vetted by the Department of Homeland Security or DHS. Malik is also from the militant Muslim nation of Pakistan which is known for its horrific treatment of Christians. And yet, this same Muslim couple, heavily armed, would storm a county health facility for the handicapped, knowing they were following the tenets of the Quran and the Hadiths which point out that within Islam, “War (fighting) is prescribed for you, though it is something you dislike. . . .” [Taken from Surah 2:216 of the Quran, translated by Majid Fakhry and approved by Al Azhar University.]

Hear what media outlets have not shared about the reported ties of the Islamic State to the San Bernardino terror attack.

The Islamic State or IS/ISIS/ISIL is now operating as a functioning state and using terror as a foreign policy tool. News media source Al Aamaq reports that IS is celebrating the attacks and writes: “California streets are full with soldiers with heavy weapons. The United States is burning.” Learn more. [See: and ]

Also, meet Moshe Ben Baruch, a man who holds a deeply intimate Biblical knowledge and understanding of every part and parcel of the land of Israel. It was Ben Baruch who guided me on a security mission to the border areas of Israel that have been attacked by Muslim Arab armies and infiltrated by Islamic terrorists determined to wage a successful jihad against America’s single most, strategically important partner in the war against Islamic terrorism.

Learn of the terrorist attack that nearly took the life of Moshe Ben Baruch and come to understand the ancient Islamic ritual of stone throwing.

Also, hear Ben Baruch’s take concerning the San Bernardino terrorist strike by Islamists “obsessed” with a hatred of Israel as well.

Writes Dennis Prager on California’s recent terrorist assault in San Bernardino: In the 1930s, when the Western democracies had a chance to crush the Nazis, they did nothing despite the fact that Hitler and Nazism were as obsessed with the Jews as Syed Farook was with the Jewish state. The West regarded Hitler’s anti-Semitism as essentially the Jews’ problem. Eventually, about 50 million people were killed, 44 million of them non-Jews. [See:–farook-obsessed-with-israel]

And listen to this recording from a CNN interview with the leader of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR, in Los Angeles point out that Muslims believe that the United States of America bears some blame for the terror attack in San Bernardino and elsewhere in the U.S.

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