The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Nonie Darwish: Former Muslim Now Human Rights Activist and Founder of Arabs for Israel; Homeland Security on New Terror Levels; and, A Call to Action and Faith by Israel 365

January 5, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear special guest, Nonie Darwish, born into a Muslim family in Cairo, Egypt, now an American, Christian, human rights activist and founder of Arabs for Israel.

Hear what Egypt’s former dictator president, Gamal Abdel Nasser asked Nonie and her siblings about avenging the death of her father. He was once a commander of the Egyptian Army Intelligence in Gaza and responsible for launching terrorist attacks inside Israel – he would later be killed by the Israeli Defense Forces, IDF.

Learn more about Islam from a woman who grew up under the authoritarian nature of Islam’s ideology, inside an Islamic culture that praises female genital mutilation, stoning, crucifixions and beatings along with its violent persecution of non-Muslims.

And as Western civilization debates the issue of what to do with tens of thousands of Muslim refugees who are allowed to enter the U.S. and European countries and who choose not to assimilate, but bring a belief system that embraces the harsh tenets of Sharia law, hear this audio tape of a Muslim group on tax-payer funded food stamps in the United States.

This Muslim community from Hennepin County, Minnesota, wants the local government there to spend an additional $150,000 more on specialized foods. Is this the taxpayer’s responsibility? Under Islam, taking advantage of the kuffars or non-Muslims is obligatory.

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., hear Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, in his own words, point out that there are increasing numbers of “terrorist-inspired individuals . . . encouraged or inspired to target public events or places.” Therefore, is bringing in greater numbers of Muslim immigrants and or refugees in the national security interests of the United States?

Learn more about Republicans, but mostly Democrats, who have supported immigration legislation to grow the Muslim population in the U.S. to over 6 million. These immigrants, who also include foreign students, will be handed a green card that will enable them to take more jobs from Americans who need jobs.

The emphasis is on recruiting Muslims who specialize in STEM, the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Consider that Muslims who have specialized in these areas have also operated as terrorists and have attacked Americans in the United States and abroad.

Also hear about Israel 365. An organization out of Jerusalem that is encouraging audiences everywhere to see a new “revolutionary film” by the Clarion Project about Christian genocide and the on-going deaths of minorities in the Muslim nation-states of the Middle East.

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