The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Raymond Ibrahim Discusses Christian Genocide; ISIS Publishes Hit Lists Targeting Americans as Two Christian Churches Go Up in Flames; and Team Obama Negotiates Deal to Buy Heavy Water from Iran as the Islamic Regime Funds Global Terrorism

Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Learn of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s recent phone calls to 3,600 New Yorkers due to a recently published hit list by the Islamic State’s United Cyber Caliphate. While this recent threat may amount to nothing but shear propaganda to scare the American people, it nevertheless constitutes threats against the homeland as videos by ISIS warn of upcoming attacks inside the United States.

Additionally, get details published by the Hacking Division of the Islamic State or ISIS listing the names of American military personnel on still another hit list. Listing the names of U.S. servicemen and women who are believed to have direct ties to drone strikes against ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq. [For more read: ]

And consider that despite these current threats to Americans at home and overseas, U.S. Democrats in the Senate have blocked legislation to slow the entry of refugees from Syria and Iraq until U.S. officials are able to verify that each refugee will not pose a security risk to the American people.

Meanwhile, The Denice Gary Pandol Show reports of further persecution of Christians as massive fires engulf two Orthodox Christian churches here in the U.S. and one in Australia over the Orthodox Christian Easter weekend.

Moreover, consider the wholesale slaughter of Christians in the Middle East, as the Obama administration makes it difficult for Christian refugees, but easy for Muslim refugees, to enter the United States.

Learn more about the genocide of Christians and President Obama’s failure to address this crisis, even within the context of the war on Islamic terrorists, as you listen to special guest, Raymond Ibrahim, discuss one of his latest articles, “It is my Dream to Behead Someone.” [See more at ]

Listen as we explore how so-called “Christian” nations, the Western world, stood by and allowed genocide to go on for several years in what has become known as the Holocaust. And as the world knows, it was a gruesome, horrific barbarism perpetrated against the Jewish people and led by the German Nazis. And consider still another, prior genocide in the last century against the Armenians, a Christian people, and lead by Muslim Turks.

And today the West, the same “Christian” nations, stand by, observing the annihilation of Christians and Yezidis in Muslim dominant countries, nations which once supported the Nazi regime’s determination to destroy Jewish civilization.

Learn more about the genocide against Christians through overwhelming evidence, methodically presented, as Christians around the world are murdered, kidnapped, sold into slavery, and forcibly converted to Islam, in Mr. Ibrahim’s book: Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians. [To buy the book go here: ]

Also, hear this clip from “60 Minutes” on Christian lives at risk in Sweden due to Muslims migrants. Christians are repeatedly persecuted and threatened with “slaughter.” [See video at:]

Also hear more about the Obama administration’s decision to buy heavy water from Iran, as Iran fully funds Islamic Jihad terrorists as your host revisits her conversation with Col. Allen West during the 04.26.2016 broadcast.

What is heavy water used for? It is used in certain kinds of nuclear reactors which can be used to build nuclear weapons, i.e., weapons of mass destruction.

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