The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest Sid Miller, Texas Agriculture Commissioner on First Ever Trade Agreement with Samaria; Also, Egyptian, Isis Sterling, Tells Her Story on Brutality Against Christians; Support Congress in Designation of Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Organization; Palestinian Terrorist Jibril Rajoub Persona Non Grata

April 4, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Americans need to contact their member of Congress in the House and the Senate to support the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. It is an Islamic movement of its collective members to establish Sharia law and the supremacy of Islam worldwide.

In the opening segment, find out how the Brotherhood has created a U.S. lobby, The Egyptian Institute for Political and Strategic Studies, to counter the Trump administration’s efforts to include the Brotherhood on the U.S. government’s list of terrorist groups. Help the President to protect the United States from the spread of Islamism in America and beyond. Call Congress today at 202.224.3121.

In addition, hear special guest, Commissioner Sid Miller, charged with running the Texas Department of Agriculture, on his decision to travel to Judea and Samaria, Israel’s heartland, to sign a historic trade agreement.

The agreement, referred to as the “Declaration of Cooperation,” is a first for the State of Texas as well as the United States. Driven by a broader goal of encouraging and strengthening relationships between Texas, as well as the United States, and Israel’s Shomron (Samarian) Regional Council, hear the Commissioner share in his own words his reasons for negotiating a mutually beneficial trade deal between the State of Texas and Chairman Yossi Dagan of the Shomron Regional Council. [See: and click like at ]

Shomron or Samaria is territory the majority of Israelis would like to see the Israeli government incorporate as part of the sovereign nation-state of Israel. It is a portion of Biblical Israel, territory in the modern era that was lost to an invading Muslim Arab Army in 1948, but territory later won back in a war of self-defense in 1967.

Listen in as we discuss this important and timely development as Muslim Arabs (Palestinians) continue to demand another Palestinian state, in addition to Gaza and Jordan, not only inside Judea and Samaria, but in the whole of Israel as well – a place where the Jewish people have lived, prayed and survived the onslaught of its enemies for 4,000 years since the time of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

As Commissioner Miller stated: “I am also here to say that Texas strongly supports Israel and their right for self-preservation and self-determination…. I have every confidence that this is only the opening act in a new era of renewed partnership between the United States and Israel.”

Learn how your state can pursue its own trade agreements with communities in Judea and Samaria. And consider Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

Also, learn more about the Russian Subway terror attack as the Islamic State or ISIS celebrates attacks against Christians in St. Petersburg, Russia. Indeed, Islamic terrorism remains the most dangerous and deadly force facing Christians today. [See: ]

And hear special guest, Isis Sterling. Born in Egypt, Isis is a woman who shares what she has come to understand as the tragic circumstances of Christians living in Muslim dominant countries.

The Coptic Christians of Egypt are fleeing the Sinai as Christians from Egypt remain persecuted and discriminated against by the leadership of that country and as the military and police appear unable to protect Christians who face constant threats from the general population of Egyptian Muslims as well as from ISIS.

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