The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guest ZOA Director, J. Daube in Jerusalem, on Meeting with EU Ambassador to Israel on His Push for an Anti-Jewish State in Israel’s Heartland; Will ISIS Hit the United States during Ramadan in June?; and, What Questions Should be Asked of Muslim Migrants Entering the US From the Middle East?

May 24, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear this fascinating discussion with Director Daube of the Zionist Organization of America, in Jerusalem, on his meeting with the European Union’s Ambassador to Israel, Lars Faaborg-Anderson.

Learn what the EU wants to do to further compromise the national security of the only representative democracy in the Middle East that embraces the Judeo-Christian values of the United States and the rest of the West.

Consider that by making Israel more vulnerable in the war against Islamic terrorists, the EU makes the entire Western world more susceptible to an increase in terrorist attacks. In light of military personnel, business interests as well as diplomatic and humanitarian missions in and around the region, this is particularly so.

Moreover, hear Director Daube and myself discuss the possibility of another war initiated by the Islamic Resistance Movement, HAMAS, as it continues to launch rockets into Southern Israel.

And should the EU and the United States not recognize how these constant assaults on Israeli communities affect the families living and working in cities and towns in the South? Is another Muslim Arab state in the national security interests of any Western nation?

As the Islamic Republic of Iran funds global jihad, learn what this rogue regime has just announced as the world finds out more on the Obama administration’s treachery and deceit regarding the Iranian nuclear deal, i.e., the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Has the Obama administration and the American people reflected on what should be some of the questions asked by State Department officials through the vetting process as thousands of Syrian and Iraqi migrants enter the United States? What questions would be useful in distinguishing between who is a moderate Muslim as opposed to a jihadist or jihadist sympathizer?

And learn more about last week’s EgyptAir crash. Was it a terrorist attack or simply a plane malfunction?

And discover more about the Nineveh Plain Protection Units as these Christian civilians become soldiers in an effort to fight back and protect their women and children from ISIS and other terror factions.

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