The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guests: General Vallely, U.S. Army (ret) and Marc Provisor, Security Expert, Director, Security Projects, One Israel Fund; and, Christian Genocide

March 8, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear special guest, Major General Paul E. Vallely, U.S. Army (ret), respond to my open-source intel and analysis on possible drone strikes here in the U.S. from Islamic terrorists and the General’s thoughts on countering jihad in the 21st century.

Follow this discussion into the Islamic Republic’s arrangements with China, North Korea and Russia on procuring nuclear – related materials.

Is the United States and the IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency, able to effectively monitor Iran’s incessant arms build-up? Consider reports made available by Major General Vallely on Iran’s launch, guidance-control and detonation systems for a nuclear warhead.

Russia and North Korea have already tested these devises leaving Iran with the know-how to put together its nuclear capability “like a tinker toy” on a ballistic missile capable of reaching any number of dense population centers in today’s world. [For more see:]

Also hear General Vallely’s response to my question concerning a new Cold War between the United States vs. Russia, North Korea, and China. North Korea’s ability to strike the U.S. mainland with nuclear-armed missiles – an issue that was confirmed in a recent 2016 DoD report and the potential of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse attack). This report and General Vallely’s points illustrate that if not a cold war – a new hot war may be imminent.

Also hear special guest Marc Provisor, Security Expert and Director of One Israel Fund concerning the savage attacks in Israel by Muslim Arabs, (Palestinians) who continue to wage jihad while promoting racism and hate by inspiring and glorifying acts of terror against Israeli civilians.

Hear my concerns about the Islamic State or IS/ISIS/ISIL or Daesh which is also recruiting Muslim Arabs, (Palestinians) to join their team.

And learn of chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat’s message last month from the Palestinian Authority or PA’s intelligence and security apparatus to halt its meager security cooperation with the Israeli Defense Forces, IDF.

Is the PA or the PLO working to be cooperative with the IDF as the PA pays terrorists sitting in Israeli prisons for acts of terror while the PA propaganda machine demands support for jihad against Israel?

Also hear Director Provisor’s response to Vice President Biden’s trip to Israel and Provisor’s beliefs concerning the Obama administration’s push against Israel’s national security in Judea and Samaria, Israel.

And listen to a brief report on what is happening to women on International Women’s Day – a day which is celebrated in Western countries. Hear how on this day, in Muslim dominant countries, the very young, non-Muslim female children are forced into sexual slavery. These small children are considered “merchandise,” “play things” for the gratification of Muslim men who participate in the buying and selling of human beings. Pray that all those who have been captured and then given as gifts or sold into slavery, are released, rescued, or will somehow manage to escape their captivity today!

And please pray for the deliverance of children and families targeted by the Sudanese Air Force in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. Children must hide in foxholes when the Muslim government in Khartoum bombs their villages, burning their crops and destroying their homes and churches. [For more see:]

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