The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guests Major General Vallely on Ending Genocide and ZOA Director in Jerusalem, Jeff Daube on Obama’s Decision to Ignore the Racism, Rooted in Islam, to Promote a Palestinian Agenda of Hate; and, American ISIS Members

May 10, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear special guest Major General Paul Vallely state for the record what must be done militarily to destroy the Islamic State or IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh and end the on-going genocide against Christians and Yezidis. Likewise, find out how the United States will strengthen its own security with the demise of ISIS.

And listen to another very special guest, the Director of the Zionist Organization of America, Jeff Daube, from Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem. He addresses President Obama’s decision to meet with world leaders in France at the end of May in order to force Israel into a “meaningful dialogue” with an enemy, Palestinians or just call them Muslim Arabs, who have vowed to annihilate the Jewish people and facilitate another Holocaust in the 21st century!

Meanwhile, racist broadcasts continue to fuel the murder of Jewish men, women and children. Have you seen this at Yet, despite the hate propaganda by Palestinians, the leader of the free world and the rest of the West keep silent on the violent racism against Jews.

And note: While writing these talking points, word has just come out that an Israeli Border Guard stopped an Arab Muslim, a Palestinian, age 36, living under the command of the Palestinian Authority in Bethlehem, from carrying out an attack against Jewish civilians. He was arrested Saturday afternoon with a brand-new Israeli police uniform, still in its package, and ready to be worn to carry out a bloody terrorist attack.

This incident is just one more in a rash of terror attacks against the Jewish people by Muslims that dates back to Islam’s inception. Furthermore, it makes the point that placing another Muslim regime, with an entrenched system of hate, corruption and abuse, in the midst of the only freedom loving democracy in the Middle East, will lead to more death and destruction.

Hear too of American ISIS members who have worked as media operatives, circulating the Islamic State’s message of murder and mayhem on numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. They have now reportedly been killed in an airstrike in Syria according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

And recall, just last week, the announcement on this broadcast concerning the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s recent phone calls to over 3,000 New Yorkers due to a recently published hit list by the Islamic State’s United Cyber Caliphate and another hit list published by the Hacking Division of the Islamic State or ISIS listing the names of American military personnel to be killed.

Learn how social media remains a powerful tool in the hands of terrorists who are able to gain thousands of Sunni Muslim supporters and assert themselves globally. Indeed, over 50,000 Europeans are fighting for ISIS today. [See: ]

And hear how Sharia law is implemented by ISIS and practiced every day by Muslims in countries like Pakistan, as another story of a girl who is set on fire and burned to death, is revealed. The lynching of young girls, honor killings and cruel persecution against the small Christian minority in that Muslim country remain a routine, barbaric practice. Pray for the Christians under threat of death.

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