The Denice Gary Pandol Show: Special Guests Nadia Matar, Women for Israel’s Tomorrow on Preserving & Protecting Israel’s Land and Journalists Cheryl Hancock Watts and Len Watts also from Israel on Muslim Claim Jesus was a Palestinian; and, ISIS Ideology is Islam So Say Muslim Palestinians

December 20, 2016
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear this week’s broadcast wishing one and all a very merry Christmas and a very happy Chanukah!

Both Christmas and Chanukah represent a very special, spiritual time – a season marked by divinity and divinely appointed miracles. Indeed, Chanukah is celebrated in the month of miracles or Kislev.

And despite the Obama administration’s decision to refuse to veto what is a racist, anti-Israel United Nations resolution, I believe the Trump administration will work to block any effects of this U.N. Security Council vote. The United Nations vote denies the right of the Jewish people to land they won in a war of self-defense, after centuries of oppression at the hands of Muslims, a land deeply rooted in Jewish history and heritage – underscored by the promises of God to the Jewish people.

Likewise, The Denice Gary Pandol Show celebrates the President Elect Donald Trump’s victory in the Electoral College vote.

As carnage and bloodshed continue in Muslim dominant countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, hear more about the latest shooting outside the U.S. Embassy in Turkey; the assassination of the Russian Ambassador also in Ankara, Turkey; the terrorist attack killing 10 tourists in Jordan; and, the Iranian plot in Kenya targeting the Israeli embassy there.

On Israel, The Denice Gary Pandol Show salutes this beacon of democracy in the Middle East. Israelis across their country have come together to raise funds and lend their support to Syrian victims of the civil war. These same Syrians are those who might otherwise be supporting terrorism against the Jews in Israel.

Nevertheless, the “Just Beyond the Border” initiative has been fundraising to provide needed emergency items to Syrian men, women and children. Reports show $240,000 has already been donated.

Has the media reported on these efforts? Israel has donated Israeli medics and doctors to assist Syrian patients from the war. [See: as well as ]

And please remember to pray for those Christians and Jews around the globe who are the target of racism by both Muslim governments and terrorists. Pray for their safety.

Recall last week’s discussion on pro-Islamic State followers who have been publishing posts on the ISIS Telegram channel calling for Muslims to initiate attacks at Christmas, Hanukah and on New Year’s Day suggesting that they “prepare a gift for the filthy pigs / apes,” referring to Christians and Jews. See The Middle East Media Research Institute’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor Report for more information on communication about terrorism by terrorists.

On this week’s broadcast, hear Nadia Matar, Co-Chair of Women for Israel’s Tomorrow or Women in Green speak to the need to protect areas in Israel in light of increases in terrorist attacks.

Even Palestinian politicians have indicated that there is “no ISIS ideology,” it is just Islam they say and support the slaughter of civilians as well as soldiers. And indeed, Israel is surrounded by these “Palestinian” ideologues. [See: ]

Support the work of Women in Green as they help restore and preserve the land of Israel. Working voluntarily and tirelessly to prevent the illegal takeover of land purchased by and in possession of the Jewish people, Women in Green help support the Jewish people’s rightful historic heritage to the land of Israel.

You can donate today at to individuals who without remuneration work to prevent destruction to the land of Israel and restore land destroyed by acts of arson terrorism, vandalism, and carnage against parks, forests as well as neighborhoods.

Also, hear this very interesting conversation with journalists Cheryl Hancock Watts and Len Watts from Jerusalem who join me in studio to report on the misrepresentation of Jesus as a Muslim Palestinian and the rewriting of Jewish history and the holy scriptures throughout Arab Muslim or Palestinian controlled areas in and around Israel.

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