Violence Against Women Supported by U.S. Tax Dollars

August 9, 2012
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

How many Americans know of the billions of tax dollars that go to the Muslim Arab world and at a time when the abduction of women and children, particularly Christians and Jews, are forcibly converted to Islam and put in the sex-slave trade?

Furthermore, the practice of honor killing, physical or psychological violence, and genital mutilation rage on in places like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other so-called “friends” of the United States. Muslim majority countries rank among the top, most dangerous for women to live. As 1,400 year old phenomena remain entrenched and celebrated in 21st century Muslim nations, call the President and your representative in Congress. Tell them no more foreign aid to countries that abduct, abuse and enslave women and children!

For photo evidence see: – thank you.

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