The Denice Gary Show: CIA Director Pompeo on Targeting North Korea; Corrupt Obama Officials Spied – Then Leaked Israel’s Security Secrets; Chairman Nunes of House Intel Committee on Obama/Clinton Officials Who Spied on Republicans Then Pressed for Criminal Charges; and, Xavier Becerra, California’s AG Allowed Pakistani Spy Ring Off the Hook for Hacking Congressional Servers

February 6, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

On national security threats, The Denice Gary Show opens with information on the why behind American troop level increases in South Korea and Afghanistan.

Hear portions of a BBC interview with CIA Director Mike Pompeo who says Kim Jung-un can strike the United States with a nuclear weapon within months. Listen in on this conversation between a BBC host and America’s CIA Director Mike Pompeo and get my analysis. [More of the interview can be heard here: ]

Meanwhile, this last week Secretary of Defense James Mattis made clear there are military options that would not put the people of South Korea at great risk. Learn more.

Hear why we are still in Afghanistan and in the fight against the Taliban as the number of terrorists, and the groups they support, proliferate in the region. Know that organizations such as Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh seek new ground to establish a caliphate and launch attacks inside the United States, Israel, and other Western nations.

And learn why economic security is national security and the issues surrounding deterring strategic attacks against the United States.

Also hear me address a classified cable marked SECRET about Israel’s national security. Released by Wikileaks, this document cabled from the U.S. Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan to Hillary Clinton in the State Department in Washington, D.C., provides further evidence on the corrupt practices of the Obama administration determined to make a deal with an enemy of the free world – Iran – a major exporter of Islamic terrorism.

You have already heard revelations on corruption among Obama and Clinton supporters, many of whom remain in positions inside the Department of Justice, DOJ and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI -individuals who have spied on members of the Trump campaign. What you have not yet heard, however, is the Obama team’s efforts to sabotage Israel’s national security.

Did former President Obama authorize leaks on Israel’s vital national security secrets?

In statements found in the FY 2013 congressional budget justification for intelligence programs, team Obama stated that they were investing in target surveillance and offensive CI (counterintelligence) against key targets that included China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Cuba, but Israel as well – Israel, an important strategic ally in the war against shared threats from specific Islamic and Communist dictatorships. [See: ]

Find out more on how team Obama betrayed America’s most important strategic ally, Israel, through leaks on top secret matters concerning her national security.

And understand more about the abuses by those sitting at the top of the DOJ and the FBI. Understand more on the declassified memo by Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Devin Nunes. Learn more on the abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the FISA court, the “dossier” written by a former foreign agent, Christopher Steele of the British government’s MI6, the equivalent of the CIA in the U.S., in collusion with the Russians and bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and a corrupt Democratic National Committee, DNC.

Also hear how Representative Xavier Becerra, a Democrat who now serves as California’s Attorney General, may have colluded with a Muslim spy ring from Pakistan. According to the House’s Office of the Inspector General, Pakistanis with suspect backgrounds were hired by Democrats to function as IT aides. These aides then pursued “unauthorized access” to Congressional servers and reportedly obtained sensitive information on issues that included the war on terrorism. This classified information was then placed on a House server that was later stolen.

Rep. Xavier Becerra who ran the House Democratic Caucus appears to have refused to share any details related to the cyber breach. And why has Bacerra not demanded consequences for the illegal hacking?

The Awans, a Pakistani family, used a House server for “nefarious purposes” logging into Becerra’s Caucus using 17 different accounts that belonged to Congressional members with NO connection to the House Democratic Caucus and yet there have been no arrests. [See: and ]

And note: The Obama administration made clear that Pakistan was to be targeted for greater surveillance and offensive counterintelligence or CI, and yet, Democratic House members hired Pakistanis with the capability to hack their way into House servers.

Are we to believe that former Representative Becerra, now California’s AG was unaware of the security concerns surrounding these Pakistanis with access to government servers? Do the Awans have information to now blackmail Becerra and members of Congress. The Awans who made tens of thousands of dollars thanks to America’s taxpayers are now back in Pakistan and presumably enjoying their freedom.

Get answers. Hear and learn more.

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