The Denice Gary Show: Democrats Turn Their Backs on Terror at the Border; Christians Persecuted in the Middle East is a Local Issue?; President Trump’s Tax Cuts Got a NO Vote by Democrats, but Create “Opportunity Zones” for Impoverished Areas in All 50 States; Hear Travis Allen Speak on Democrats’ War Against Free Speech – CA Assembly Bill 2943; and, Why Underground Explosion in Iran? Israel is Again Protected

April 23, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Due to President Trump’s plan to grow the United States’ economy, a special provision was written into the Tax Cut and Reform Bill passed by Republicans in Washington in 2017. The President has been offering every state governor an opportunity to designate struggling, lower-income areas in their states as “opportunity zones” that need direct and immediate development. Individuals and businesses can invest in these neglected communities and receive a tax cut while opening up economic opportunities in impoverished neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, Democrats have turned California into the “Poverty Capital” of the United States. Not a single Democrat, no-not-one, including California Democrats, voted for the Republican federal tax cut plan which continues to stimulate the America’s economy. Due to these tax cuts and the massive roll back of regulations by President Trump, hundreds of thousands of new jobs have now been made available.

What is the Golden State governor Jerry Brown doing? Learn more.

As terror grows on Mexico’s border with the United States and an alarming number of deaths continues to climb in places like Tijuana, learn more about Democrat efforts to obstruct the Trump administration’s policies to secure the border. Learn why this is very much a local and state issue, as well as, a national problem.

Learn too how Democrats continue to embrace the Islamist agenda as I share my own personal experiences regarding the flow of Middle Eastern Christians into the United States. While Democrats champion the cause of Islamism and Islamists, Christians are running for their lives as the persecution and brutality continues. Find out what can be accomplished to help reduce the terrible suffering.

And visit View this clip concerning the Iranians continued threats to bomb Israel with nuclear weapons and “annihilate” the Jewish State. There was concern that with the current level of threats from Iran and Hizballah that on Israel’s Independence Day, which was on April 18th until the evening of the 19th and the setting of the sun, there may be a strike on Israel. And then it was reported that an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 in the area of an Iranian nuclear reactor, the Bushehr plant, occurred and an unprecedented sandstorm then turned Iran into a sandbox (many Iranians died of suffocation).

It appears that once again, Israel is and will remain protected by Divine Providence.

Hear candidate for California governor, Travis Allen on AB 2943. Democrats in Sacramento seek to make it illegal to discuss, have and/or promote literature and books that may suggest that gay people may successfully change their lifestyle choices. Under this legislation, speech is determined to be dangerous if there is an examination of the LGBTQ’s community and its behavior. If churches or businesses offer “reparative therapy” which would attempt to help those who want their sexual identity to line-up with their natural, gender identity at birth, this will be considered a dangerous form of free speech. See: Romans 1: 24-28 and Leviticus 18: 22-30. What will some churches and synagogues do going forward if freedom of speech is outlawed in certain areas of public discourse?

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