The Denice Gary Show: Learn Key Critical Security and Economic Issues Addressed By President Trump on His First Official Trip to East Asia; and Hear U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman and former White House Chief Strategist and Christian Zionist Steve Bannon on Threats Facing the US and Israel

November 14, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

In the face of Russia’s renewed Cold War aggression and expansion in Europe, learn of the military’s new budget request for the 2017 European Reassurance Initiative – a commitment to the territorial integrity of all 28 NATO nations.

As noted last week, the U.S. Army is gearing up globally. And under this particular Initiative, the United States is strengthening the number of heavy weapons and communications equipment for military-to-military multinational exercises with NATO allies. Enhanced U.S. force presence in Europe allows for extensive U.S. participation in training activities with NATO allies and partners, improving overall readiness and interoperability.

Meanwhile, as people keep questioning President Trump’s understanding of the Russian threat, the Trump administration is conveying to Russia a message of U.S. military resolve, strength and readiness by restoring traditional foreign policy objectives.

In addition, hear how this President continues to advocate key security and economic interests as he concludes his first official visit to East Asia.

On national security concerns, the President emphasized to Communist China’s leaders that ties with North Korea must be cut. President Trump and his national security team are working to see the complete and permanent denuclearization of North Korea.

The President believes China can help fix this problem. Hear the President in his own words speak directly to the Chinese President that in effect the United States no longer embraces what former President Obama called “strategic patience” as North Korea builds-up and tests its ballistic missiles with nuclear capability.

On a brighter note, hear Fox News commentator Kurt Schlichter react to the tremendous business deals announced by President Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping. Learn more on the $250 billion in deals the President managed to close overseas.

In the Philippines, President Trump reassured its President, Rodrigo Duarte, that China will be contained, a common interest to both nations. Moreover, U.S. forces continue to advance counter terrorism support measures as this Southeast Asian country fights the heavy hand of Islamic terrorists, including ISIS, in the region.

Learn what are the three (3) pillars of the Trump administration’s counterterrorism principles as the U.S. continues to fight global terrorism alongside allied counterterrorism forces.

On India, hear that nation’s Prime Minister express his gratitude to President Trump at a press conference also during the President’s first official trip to East Asia. Prime Minister Modi stated that relations between “India and the United States are growing rapidly …. And we are working together for the interest of the future of Asia and for humanity as a whole in the world….” [For a translation of Prime Minister Modi’s comments see: ]

On Israel, a dark chapter in U.S. / Israeli relations has passed following the end of the Obama / Clinton administration as well as a loss in the number of congressional seats held by the Democrats.

Under President Trump’s leadership, a stronger U.S. – Israeli partnership is being forged. By appointing David Friedman as U.S. Ambassador to Israel, a very knowledgeable and powerful voice now represents the United States in Israel and will work to expand this most important strategic alliance between the two nations.

And at this year’s Zionist Organization of America’s Gala Dinner, high-profile friends of Israel were honored. This included Ambassador David Friedman, Senator Tom Cotton, former Senator Joe Lieberman and former White House chief strategist and Christian Zionist, Steve Bannon. This annual event marks the largest Zionist celebration in the United States.

Hear Ambassador Friedman in his own words. He shares an impressive and moving story concerning his own daughter standing on the railroad tracks outside of Auschwitz, wrapped in an Israeli flag, in addition to other important statements regarding Iran and U.S.-Israeli relations at this black speak-tie affair of the ZOA in New York. [For more go here: ]

Moreover, hear more on this week’s broadcast on why Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Clinton Foundation should be thoroughly investigated.

Phone the comment line at the Department of Justice at 202.353.1555. Mrs. Clinton must be investigated on her use of a private email server in which she received and sent Top Secret information as well as on the Obama administration’s 2010 deal with a Kremlin-backed company to gain control over America’s uranium supply, a chemical element used in nuclear weapons. Furthermore, it appears that the FBI has gathered evidence demonstrating that Russian officials are guilty of “bribery kickbacks, extortion and money laundering” related to the Clintons and team Obama. [See: ]

And learn more: Hear The Denice Gary Show on issues that concern the safety and security of the United States and America’s most important strategic ally, Israel!

Better understand the United States domestic concerns by knowing their interconnectedness to global challenges facing the U.S. abroad.

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