The Denice Gary Show: Israel Fortifies Nuclear Reactors Against Possible War; What is New in the Marijuana Industry in California?; Why Vetting Illegals Helps Prevent Human Trafficking; and President Trump’s Supreme Court Pick – A Boost for Judeo-Christian Values in the U.S.?

July 10, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

On local area news and analysis: Learn the difficult issues the State of California and its local communities now face in light of the legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes following passage of Proposition 64 in 2016. What are the deeper issues that must be considered concerning the cannabis industry?

Hear how one marijuana outfit is actually suing the City of Bakersfield over language to be placed on the 2018 November ballot.

On another local and statewide issue, stabbings continue among Latino gangsters who fight and kill one another, as innocent bystanders in the line of fire, continue to die as well. Hear the latest concerning President Trump’s efforts to reunite families while conducting DNA tests on those who sought to enter the United States illegally and who claim to be the parents of those children they accompanied.

At taxpayer expense, the issue of who is a human smuggler or trafficker, or who is in-fact a real parent, is being determined each and every day. The need to thoroughly vet those attempting to enter the United States remains an important security factor and one in which only President Trump has been willing to pursue as opposed to an irresponsible policy of catch and release.

Meanwhile, Democrats are hysterical over President Trump’s pick for the next Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh. What is at stake? Does the Fourteenth Amendment, a Civil War Amendment that speaks to “equality under the law,” allow for the disregard of life and liberty to unborn persons?

And find out more on the issues concerning California Democrats who want single-payer healthcare – how much will it cost the average individual?

On the international front: The government of Tehran continues to heat up the Middle East, funneling weapons, ammunition, and fighters into Syria, Hamas controlled Gaza, and Iraq with a $1.7 billion cash infusion into the Islamic Republic and the release of $56 billion in frozen assets by the Obama administration. It appears Iran is facilitating the war of attrition by the Islamic Resistance Movement, Palestinian Hamas, by way of 678 fires which have now burned 2,250 acres of Israeli forests, 1,500 acres of Israeli agricultural land, and hundreds of acres of open spaces inside Israel in addition to numerous rocket and missile attacks. [See: ] In essence, this is a declaration of war against the State of Israel.

Learn more as Israel is reportedly fortifying its nuclear reactors against missile strikes as the Jewish democracy lives under the threat of more than 120,000 missiles aimed at Israel by Iranian funded Hizballah, the Party of God, headquartered in Lebanon. [See: ]

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