The Denice Gary Show: Israel Hit with Hundreds of Rockets by Islamic Terrorists Controlling the Gaza Strip; The Politics of Intolerance is Manifest Daily in America and is Uglier than Ever; While Kern County Politicians Make Exceptionally High Salaries – Taxes Make Life Harder for Middle and Lower Income Residents

August 8, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

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Talking points include:

Men, women, and children have been running for their lives in Israel this week as hundreds of rockets and mortars landed throughout southern Israel wounding several, including children and the elderly. Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, a terrorist organization in control of the Gaza Strip, has been carrying out acts of terror against Israelis in their homes and places of work. Violating Israeli sovereignty and endangering the lives of the civilian population and security forces, has now become commonplace by jihadists. Indeed, much of Israel’s population in the South have been suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome or PTSD, particularly the children. [See: ]

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, has held several security meetings to assess how to proceed with top military officials since another rocket barrage began this week in August.

Several terror targets at jihadist military sites inside the Gaza, including weapons and rockets, as well as a military compound that serves as a central logistic site – have now been hit by Israeli Air Force jets in an effort to end the incessant attacks. Pray for the safety and security of the Israeli people.

On other subjects, closer to home, hear how volunteers make a difference in protecting pubic safety;

Kern County’s Tehachapi City Council member, Ken Hetge, provides proof of massive salaries for county employees as some local residents struggle to pay higher taxes – find out what websites provide salary information;

Leftists and their on-going politics of intolerance continue to abound. Hear and see the political ad blocked by Facebook of a California Republican candidate for the Central Valley, the 16th Congressional District, Elizabeth Heng, the daughter of Cambodian refugees who fled the “Killing Fields” of Cambodia;

It has been revealed this week that California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who leads the false charge of collusion with the Russians by the United States President, hired a Chinese Communist spy who worked as the Senator’s driver for 20 years … meanwhile, President Trump slaps more sanctions on Russia – a move welcomed by the United Kingdom; and,

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