The Denice Gary Show: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Offers the World Conclusive Evidence of Iran’s WMD Program; Department of Homeland Security’s Secretary Nielsen on Terrorists Entering the U.S. Daily; California Democrat, Sen. Kamala Harris Supports Radical Open Borders Agenda; Canada Wants President Trump to Take Greater Measures to Enforce Border Security

Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Thanks to Israel’s national intelligence agency, Mossad, a tremendous achievement has been realized. Israeli intelligence agents have secured the possession of a half-ton of material on Iran’s weapons of mass destruction program. Found in a secret location inside Tehran, locked inside what appeared to be a dilapidated warehouse, was Iran’s top-secret atomic archives.

Hear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reveal Iran’s undercover nuclear weapons program called Project Amad. While Israeli intelligence has been aware of this program for years, it is now able to conclusively verify that, indeed, Iran has been working aggressively to design, build, and test nuclear weapons.

Learn too of another tunnel into California that has been discovered leading into Calexico, California as the bodies keep piling up in places like Tijuana. [See:]

Terror and the Mexico border remain a real threat to the United States. Meanwhile, California freshman Senator Kamala Harris, a Democrat, continues to push the open borders agenda of the Democrat Party. Since the start of 2018, Harris has spent over $600,000 on web advertising and her digital campaign. [See:]

Hear Department of Homeland Security Nielsen point out that the United States sees “15 terrorists either planning to travel or actually traveling to the United States each day, known and suspected….” [See:]

And hear how the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is telling the Trump administration that Canada’s ongoing problems with illegal immigrants, particularly with Nigerians, is the fault of President Trump and the United States Congress.

Bear-in-mind, it was Prime Minister Trudeau who welcomed over tens of thousands of immigrants into his country, particularly those from Muslim dominant countries in the Middle East. Learn more. [See:]

Also, on, or on Monday of this week, hear a brief synopsis of comments made by candidate Travis Allen for California governor from a gubernatorial debate held over the weekend.

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