The Denice Gary Show: Jihad in U.S. Prisons; Grandson of Mastermind Behind the Murder of 11 Israeli Athletes at Munich Olympic Games Runs as a California Democrat in 50th Congressional District; Intolerance on the Left Deepens; Do-Nothing Democrats Watch as President Trump Addresses California’s Drought Problem

September 14, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

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Talking points for this broadcast include:

  • Why Al Jazeera, a state-funded media network headquartered in Doha, Qatar and a Leftist human rights group called, Amnesty International, now claim the United States is suffering from a human rights crisis;
  • Do Californians know that the grandson of the architect of the 1972 Olympic games terrorist attack that resulted in the murder of 11 Israeli athletes, is now running for Congress in 2018? His name is Ammar Yasser Najjar. Note, he changed his name for a run against his Republican opponent Duncan Hunter for the 50th Congressional Seat. And learn more about a timeline of events that speak to Najjar’s misrepresentation of the truth. [ ]
  • What? More Intolerance on the Left as Diane Feinstein, (D-CA), turns a “Secret” anonymous letter over to the FBI on Brett Kavanaugh as 65 women, Republicans and Democrats, step-up and speak to Judge Kavanaugh’s honorable behavior since high school;
  • When not a single Democrat steps up to the plate to address California’s drought conditions, President Trump worked behind the scenes to provide funding for California’s first water storage facility in 40 Years; and,
  • Why Islamic terrorists, Jihadists do not fear the United States prison system. [Also see: ]


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