The Denice Gary Show: Why Muslims are Rioting on the Temple Mount; Israel, the U.S., and Russia Continue Talks on the Islamic Republic of Iran as Rockets Rain Down on Israel in the South and the North; and, More

July 27, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Talking points for this broadcast include the following:

Why Muslims are Rioting on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel;

Why the United States economic growth rate is better than good at 4.1% this quarter;

What are American families saying about their returning loved ones, as the remains of former United States soldiers come home from North Korea?; and,

Why the latest California ballot initiative by former California U.S. Representative, Doug Ose, to prevent illegal or non-citizen immigrants from voting in local elections, is desperately needed.

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Why is California’s Fair Political Practices Commission now investigating two (2) Kern County officials, including District Attorney elect, Cynthia Zimmer in addition to Kern County’s Board of Supervisors, Leticia Perez?;

How is the intolerance on the Left, by Democrats and Socialists within the Democratic Party, playing out in California?;

How President Trump is far more tougher on Russia than former Presidents Bush and Obama;

What is the Crimea Declaration? How Secretary of State Pompeo makes it clear; and,

When rockets rain down on Israel, discussions on and between Israel, the U.S. and Russia remain of strategic importance.

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