The Denice Gary Show: NATO Ally Turkey Threatens the United States; Los Angeles Liberals Diminish the Horror of NAZI Germany’s Policy of Genocide Against the Jewish People, the Holocaust; and, More ….

August 3, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

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Talking points include:

Is Islamic supremacism tied to Turkey’s Reaction to U.S. Sanctions Over the Arrest of American Pastor, Andrew Brunson? Turkish officials suggest “The weapon that the West fears most is the unity of the ummah? What is the ummah and why is the President of the United States rebuilding the United States Navy’s Second Fleet – the one that Obama shutdown?;

How a Los Angeles theater production is diminishing the horror and significance of the Holocaust and should be banned. Taking The Diary of Anne Frank, writer and director Stan Zimmerman has turned a classic play into a controversial piece on illegal immigrants who have broken United States laws and who are now hiding from Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) officials to avoid deportation back to their home country. For more see:

Why private payrolls increased unexpectedly by 219,000 in July … jobs, jobs, and more JOBS!;

Why vote Konstantinos Roditis for California Controller … STOP the Service and Labor Tax!;

Why the Trump Administration has prioritized making it easier for Americans to participate in shooting sports on public lands; and,

What Leftist intolerance looks like this week.


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