The Denice Gary Show: President Trump Enforces Immigration Laws; Families Run for Shelter from Rockets and Bomb-laden Palestinian Balloons; Israeli Researchers Find Way to Inhibit Cancer Cell Growth; and, California Democrats Raise Taxes Once More – New Water Rationing Law

June 21, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Learn why President Trump continues to enforce the law regarding illegal aliens while keeping families together. It is time to reform outdated immigration law, end the loopholes, arrest smugglers, human traffickers, narco-terrorists, and Islamic terrorists who might otherwise enter the United States unlawfully.

On Israel: Civilian neighborhoods have once again become the target of the Islamic Resistance Movement, HAMAS, a Palestinian terrorist group controlling the Gaza Strip. Israeli families ran for shelter during a night of rocket attacks. [See: ]

And in other developments regarding Islamic terrorism, Israel’s Army Radio reported horrifying moments when children looked up and saw balloons in the sky which were in fact incendiary devices – bomb-laden balloons threatening the lives of everyone below. Hear and see more: on the video broadcast, (approximately 30:00 minutes in), and ]

In addition, learn of a major breakthrough in cancer research. Researchers at Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, Israel, have now “developed a new molecule that they say inhibits the growth of cancer cells and also programs them to be noncancerous.” [See:]

On California: The Golden State gets an ‘F’ for false claims regarding government financial reports. Governor Brown has claimed an $8 billion surplus in 2018 when in fact there is a $269.9 billion deficit. Hear and see more at:

Also, learn more about the latest tax-hike by Democrats in California. While the Democratically controlled California legislature and executive branch continue to obstruct President Trump’s efforts to rebuild and strengthen the state and the nation’s infrastructure needs, Democrats allow billions of gallons of water to be wasted as tax-payers foot-the-bill. Learn more.

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