The Denice Gary Show: President Trump Speaks of New Weapon Systems Never Before Disclosed; First Ever U.S. Military Base on Israeli Soil – Flies the American Flag; Celebrating President Trump’s Diplomacy at U.N. Articulating America First – But America Not Alone; and, Noting: Sovereign Nations Must Allow Individuals to Flourish in the Fullness of the Life God Intended

September 19, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Speaking of new weapon systems to secure the United States from enemy attack and if necessary, take the fight to America’s sworn enemies, hear the President at Andrews Air Force Base refer to “new equipment” that “nobody in the world” will have – “not anything close,” as he celebrates the United States Air Force, now 70 years strong.

The President also spoke there of his request for over $20 billion in defense spending to address the critical security needs of our time, including the eradication of Islamic terrorism. He noted: “Americans have trusted in the United States Air Force because we know you will never flee, you will never yield, and you will never fail.” [Hear more at: ]

On another related topic, President Trump is bringing more systems and capabilities together for greater operational understanding during war. In addition to housing U.S. operational systems in Israel, the Israeli Air Force, (IAF), and an American Army task force will now train and cooperate more closely in improving “detection, interception, and deployment” of aerial defenses. Hear about the first ever United States military facility to fly the American flag in a U.S. military zone on Israeli soil. [See: ]

Articulating America first, but America not alone, hear important information and analysis on the President’s address to the United Nations this week on the very serious threats facing the United States today. He makes the point that “major portions of the world are in conflict and some in fact, are going to hell.”

And note: U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, representing the Trump administration, has made clear that “North Korea will be destroyed,” if the United States must defend itself in an attack and/or defend U.S. allies. Also, hear about North Korea’s work on a new nuclear submarine.

Moreover, hear the President speak to the issue of reform as he notes that if the United Nations does not change – we do not need them!

Also hear my analysis on the largest voting bloc at the U.N., the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Consisting of 57-member states, this group represents over 1.6 billion Muslims and is said to reflect the voice of the Muslim community worldwide. Learn more.

On another major issue, the President and his administration are fully backing a bill in Congress to counter the Palestinian Authority, (PA), policy of paying terrorists to kill Israeli and U.S. citizens. The bill, the Taylor Force Act, needs to be passed in both the House and the Senate. Any program by the PA that encourages and then rewards terrorists to murder must be defunded. Say NO to sending more American tax-dollars to the PA. Call your member of Congress today at 202.224.3121. U.S. funding of terrorism must stop!

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