The Denice Gary Show: Special Guest, Israel’s ZOA Director, Jeff Daube on a Possible Bloody War as the Islamic Resistance Movement Continues Rocket Attacks and the Firebombing of Southern Israel; The Lefts Misrepresentations of Security Issues on Two Continents; and, Local Group Seeks to End Homelessness

August 21, 2018
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear Director Jeff Daube of the Zionist Organization of America in Jerusalem. He addresses the security crisis in Israel and how Liberal Progressives continue their campaign of lies and deceit on jihadist threats against America’s most important strategic ally in the Middle East, Israel, the only representative democracy in a region of totalitarian regimes that embrace Islamic supremacism.

Also, listen in as Director Daube responds to concerns on the misrepresentation of the Muslim Arab or Palestinian war on Israel by Iranian-backed Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization, AKA the Palestinian Authority, as presented by CBS News 60 Minutes guest, Daniel Barenboim, famous pianist and conductor, who claims to be a citizen of “Palestine” on Sunday, 08.19.2018. And on another note: CBS has just confirmed its decision to withhold broadcasting the national anthem of the United States at NFL games.

On local and state issues, hear of Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh’s announcement to establish a new $100,000 partnership between Garden Pathways and Dignity Health to pilot a program to develop interventions to help resolve the growing crisis of homelessness in Kern County.

Also, learn why every California listener should contact Governor Brown to veto SB10, the No Cash Bail bill passed by the California State Legislature. Democrats are undermining the criminal justice system in the Golden State and across the country. Senate Bill 10, a so-called bail reform measure, amounts to a “catch and release” of criminals without jail or bond, the consequence of which will lead to increases in career criminals, organized crime members, gang members, human traffickers, and child molesters who will be released from jails within hours of arrest.

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