The Denice Gary Show: Special Guest Director Daube of ZOA in Israel on Iranian Backed Hamas in the South and Iranian Backed Hizballah in the North; Will There be War in 2017?; President Trump Makes Incredible Gains Against ISIS as Four Trillion Dollars is Added to U.S. Economy and a Million More Jobs is Added to America’s Job Market

August 8, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

“Surround, constrict, annihilate,” words from Defense Secretary James Mattis, hand-picked by President Trump to accomplish, among other things, the destruction of the Islamic State, IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh.

Learn how and why gains have dramatically accelerated under the leadership of this White House against an army of terrorists that is so brutal it buries people alive, beheads, and even crucifies children. The information presented here is based on documented details by the top U.S. official, Brett McGurk, responsible for coordinating the U.S. led international fight to wipe-out ISIS as well as other open source military intelligence that includes the following: See: and

And hear the latest from Jerusalem on issues directly impacting Israel and the United States with special guest Jeff Daube, Director of the Zionist Organization of America in Israel.

Hear Director Daube respond to my question on the real possibility of war this year. ISIS has declared it will pull Israel into a “holy war” with the Islamic Resistance Movement, HAMAS, in Gaza. And having just returned from Tehran, HAMAS leaders have also just reached a new agreement with Iran. This new chapter in its relationship with the Islamic regime will further facilitate plans by the Islamic Resistance for a jihad to crush the Jewish State.

Also consider Director Daube’s request to contact your member of Congress in support of H.R. 3329, the Hizballah International Financing Prevention Amendments Act of 2017. Iran has continued to build underground weapons factories in Lebanon and Syria in an attempt to manufacture “precise weaponry” – heavy missiles in support of Hizballah.

And as expected, President Trump has declared a national emergency with respect to Lebanon and is determined to continue Executive Order 13441 due to the “extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States” due in part to Iranian backed Hizballah – a terrorist organization operating in Lebanon and elsewhere in the region and through its cells in Western nations.

In addition, as ugly protests continue in the United States against the Jewish state and her supporters, Israel is attacked on a near, daily basis. Muslims Arabs tell us this latest violent uprising is in reaction to a change in the status quo on the Temple Mount due to Israel’s installation of metal detectors and cameras.

This safety measure was initiated to prevent guns, knives, and other explosive devises from covertly entering the compound. And although these safety measures have now been removed, the violence continues and the Israeli Embassy in Amman, Jordan remains closed.

As Palestinian Islamists continue to rage, Director Daube also brings insight to the possible issues President Trump was briefed on by U.S. Ambassador Friedman in the Oval Office concerning how the United States and Israel might best proceed following a rise in Islamic violence in the region.

And on another issue, Jared Kushner has stated: “There may be no solution” to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Likewise, Middle East specialists like myself and others suggest that to secure greater stability for Israel and the region, the annexation of all or at least parts of Judea and Samaria need to be accomplished. Hear Director Daube share more on this and his conversations with members of Congress on this very issue.

Also, picked up here in the U.S. and tweeted out over the last several days are reports by Iran’s Press TV that “confidential papers” belonging to the Islamic Waqf where “stolen” by Israeli security forces who entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque where weapons have been stored by Palestinians. These “papers” are reportedly about property ownership in and around Jerusalem, the affairs of the mosque and “religious courthouses.”

Hear Director Daube’s response to this latest false narrative about “stolen” documents as Muslims and anti-Semites promote anti-Israel / anti-Jewish hate propaganda. In the discussion with Director Daube, the point is raised that the United States, like every other nation, will remove any and all documents, computers, etc. from enemy locations such as compounds and safehouses in order to uncover national security threats and safeguard citizens’ lives.

Finally, celebrate the addition of $4 trillion dollars to the U.S. economy since President Trump’s move into the White House. Investor’s Business Daily’s editorial board notes during the President’s first 200 days in office, border crossings have plummeted, lower court positions are being filled with conservative justices, the U.S. has pulled out of the Paris climate change deal – a big win for the American people, and President Trump is saving businesses $4 billion a year.

In addition, the President continues to cut Obama regulations that have stifled business growth and prosperity. Indeed, a million more jobs have been added to the job market and unemployment is the lowest it has been in years! [See: and ]

The Denice Gary Show wishes to thank the President for his work to help get so many Americans back to work and prosper the American people.

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