The Denice Gary Show: Special Guest Israeli Activist Nadia Matar on U.S. Foreign Policy Shift Officially Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital and Reports of Muslim Stoning Attacks and Firebombs on Israeli Civilians; How ISIS Inspired Another Suicide Bomber Attempt in U.S.; and, a Victory in the War on Islamic Terrorists

December 26, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

During this holiday season, hear more on America’s war against Islamic terrorists and their armies. Hear about a place in Afghanistan where the United States is beating back the Islamic State and winning under President Trump’s leadership.

And consider the unrelenting rallying cry to join jihad by Muslims everywhere was further evidenced this week.

Find out about December posters published by the Islamic State, ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh on Telegram urging Muslims to enter into places “ON FOOT” to commit murder and mayhem. This latest ISIS directive is due to barriers erected to prevent cars and trucks, weaponized by jihadists, from ramming into civilians on sidewalks and streets – a phenomena experienced in the U.S., Israel and Europe.

Indeed, this latest ISIS instruction is exactly what Americans witnessed when one 27-year-old Bangladesh national entered a subway passageway on foot inside New York’s Port Authority and prematurely detonated his bombing device. And consider that ISIS is working fast to recruit attackers to target American children. [See: ]

Note: If President Trump’s immigration policies had been in place, this event would not have happened. A lax immigration system allows dangerous individuals into the country. Urge your member of Congress to stand with President Trump on terminating the diversity visa program and chain migration. The telephone number is 202.224.3121.

And hear the voices of Muslim Arab extremists in front of the White House and in Times Square as they chant for Muhammed’s army to return and for violent uprising in the U.S. [See: ]

Also hear this week’s special guest Nadia Matar, leader and co-chair of Women in Green / Women for Israel’s Tomorrow, working to build Israel’s Sovereignty Movement. She responds to the following questions on President Trump’s official recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel:

1/ Was the President’s decision to recognize Jerusalem, as Israel’s capital, the right thing to do and at the right time? And if so, why?

2/ Was Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, right when he made clear that peace would not result by efforts to appease Israel’s enemies? Prime Minister Ben Gurion suggested that any attempt to “sever Jewish Jerusalem from the State of Israel will not advance the cause of peace … Israelis will give their lives to hold on to Jerusalem, just as the British would for London, the Russians for Moscow and the Americans for Washington.” [See: ]

3/ Will there be an intifada, a violent uprising, as the Palestinian Authority, PA or PLO, work to mobilize violent protests on the streets of Israel?

Hear and learn more on this subject as you listen in. Contact the President at 202.456.1111. Again, thank him for having the courage to end a decades long injustice in which the United States refused to recognize the declared capital of a sovereign state, friend, and ally.

Also, call for briefings to open up discussions on alternatives to peace distinctly separate from giving Muslims another Arab state in the region.

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