The Denice Gary Show: Special Guest Major General Paul Vallely on Moving US Embassy to Israel’s Eternal Capital Israel; On Obama/Clinton Supporters’ Punishing of Gen. Flynn for Working Against an anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution; Prime Minister Netanyahu on Iran’s Deepening Footprint in the Middle East; U.S. Homeland Defense and a Victory for the Travel Moratorium

December 5, 2017
Written by D. L. Gary Pandol

Hear why every American needs to contact the President of the United States following the Supreme Court’s decision this week to uphold full enforcement of the President’s travel ban until lower court decisions are made. This is only a temporary victory. A moratorium on travel to the U.S. by individuals from Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Chad, North Korea and Venezuela – failed states in which Islamic terrorism is celebrated and encouraged against Americans, remains vital to U.S. national security interests. Take a moment to encourage the President to remain firm and fight any lower court decisions that would block his efforts to enforce homeland defense measures. The President’s comment line is 202.456.1111.

Indeed, the rallying cry for Muslims everywhere to join jihad is persistent and unrelenting. On this week’s broadcast hear of a new 58-minute video recently produced by the Islamic State IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh for the 2017 Christmas / Hanukkah holiday season. The ISIS Al-Haya Media Center is distributing it worldwide. It is entitled, “Flames of War II – Until the Final Hour” in which archival footage of ISIS attacks in the U.S. and Europe are shown.

The theme of ISIS and other jihadists remains consistent i.e., “through death we remain forever victorious.” America’s fight against Islamic terrorists continues – pray for the safety of our troops fighting in the field as well as the intelligence teams working in close cooperation with the U.S. military around the globe to keep Americans and our allies safe.

And hear special guest Major General Paul Vallely. Find out the real reason why an investigation against General Michael Flynn may have been initiated.

Appointed to serve as President Trump’s national security advisor, General Flynn was asked by a senior member of the Trump administration to enlist the efforts of several countries including Russia, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Uruguay and Malaysia to block an anti-Israel Security Council declaration that condemned Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria, a part of Israel’s historic heartland. Meanwhile the Trump transition team urged the Obama administration to veto the anti-Israel resolution.

Was the investigation against General Flynn initiated as an effort to punish the newly appointed Flynn and President Trump for daring to interfere with another anti-Israel move by the Obama administration and Obama / Clinton voters? Hear more and you decide!

And learn why it is the right time to move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It is the eternal capital of the Jewish state according to the Holy Scriptures and officially made so by the sovereign state of Israel on December 13, 1949 when the first Knesset of Israel voted to transfer the newly re-established country’s seat of government from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. [See: ]

At that time Prime Minister David Ben Gurion declared that Israel “would not permit the forced disconnection of Jerusalem from Israel,” and made clear that peace would not result by efforts to appease Israel’s enemies. The Prime Minister made clear: “The attempt to sever Jewish Jerusalem from the State of Israel will not advance the cause of peace in the Middle East or in Jerusalem itself. Israelis will give their lives to hold on to Jerusalem, just as the British would for London, the Russians for Moscow and the Americans for Washington.” [See: ] Indeed, Jewish Jerusalem has been historically connected to the Hebrew / Jewish people for 3,000 years.

Prime Minister Ben Gurion requested that the Knesset conduct its sessions in Jerusalem and following Hanukkah 1949, that is exactly what happened. Now, no longer will the enemies of peace, Muslim Arabs who have sought Israel’s annihilation, affect the location of the United States embassy in Israel.

Contact the President at 202.456.1111 and thank him for having the courage to end a decades long injustice in which the United States refused to recognize the declared capital of a sovereign state, friend and ally. And call for briefings to open up discussions on alternatives to peace distinctly separate from giving Muslims another Arab state in the region.

Moreover, on Iran’s ever-increasing footprint in the Middle East, hear Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks at the Saban Forum and Major General Vallely’s response.

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